1. Ripple offers extremely secure and reliable payment

1.   Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new and revolutionary payment system
which is purely a part of virtual digital currency payment transaction mode. It
works without any kind of help or intermediate to make payments. Considered as
the decentralized digital currency system, it has been release on 3 January
2008 and making huge impact since its origin. Bitcoin follows a peer to peer
network while doing online payments as it is considered more secure and
reliable to make online payments virtually and in the form of digital currency.
Such transactions are saved on a distributed ledger known as blockchain.

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If we take a look on Blockchain then usually blockchain
can be defined as a digital ledger which keeps the record of all the virtual
transactions. It has been analyzed that blockchain is considered as the
revolutionary face of decentralization which is going to make huge changes in
the coming years.

2.  Ethereum

Living in the 21st century it is
important to walk with current technology trends. As the world is going digitally
virtual, now it’s high time to make some changes or upgradation in your current
style of handling business. A blockchain dependant computing platform which has
smart contact feature is called as Ethereum is doing a fabulous job on the
grounds of virtual payment. It’s a payment platform which is based on
blockchain which has a distributed network. Ethereum provides a decentralized virtual
machine known as Ethereum Virtual Machine which executes scripts using international
public node network.






3.  Ripple Monetary System

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system and a
currency exchange network offered by Ripple. It is released on 2012 having a
distributed protocol having ledger and cryptocurrency known as XRP. Usually,
Ripple is developed for providing highly secure, quick and free transactions
worldwide. Banks from all over the world are adopting Ripple to offer the best
payment infrastructure to people around the world. As Ripple offers extremely
secure and reliable payment transaction, banks are adopting it to provide safe

4.  Litecoin

Litecoin was released on 7 October 2011 and is
nearly similar to Bitcoin and has identical features. Litecoin comes beneath peer-to-peer
cryptocurrency & software project which is released below the MIT/X11
License. No medium is required while performing the transfer of coins using
cryptographic protocol in the whole transaction process. As it uses
proof-of-work algorithm which has a memory-hard function this requires memory
in contrast of an algorithm which is not memory-hard.

5.  Nxt

Nxt was launched on 24 November 2013 and is an open
source cryptocurrency and a payment network. It makes use of proof-of-stake to
reach an agreement for transactions as there is a static money supply just like
Bitcoin. Nxt was envisioned as a flexible platform to build apps and different
financial services. Users can build new currencies in the system. Nxt has
different features like multisignature capability and the plug-in system for
every single client. The different features of Nxt are Data storage, Alias
system, Asset exchange, Voting system, Plug-in support, Monetary system,
multi-signature and phased transactions.

Decentralized systems are growing rapidly in
today’s 21st century. It is important for us also to walk with
current digital trends and get the best and serve the best technology. The
problem of payments has always been there but now with such amazing virtual
payment modes, things are getting simpler with time. If you have an e-commerce
store and worried about safer online transactions, then this is the right time
to get a customized virtual payment transition app and remove all your