10 films to work multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is based on respect for others, tolerance towards the different and the recognition of the rights of others, and why it is so necessary! In an increasingly globalized society, but has not yet overcome some of the bad ideas that enhance the intolerance between races and cultures, it is imperative that this issue be dealt with in the classroom. Want some ideas for it?

To put the discussion in class, a good way to start is with the total or partial viewing of a film or documentary dealing with the issue. Stories about racism, intolerance and marginalization; or allowing students to know other realities and views across the screen. Take note!

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For younger guests (6-11 years old)

Way to school: Sponsored by UNESCO and supported by UNICEF, this film is the heroism of four children from different countries: Samuel India, Carlitos in Argentina, Kenya and Zahira Jackson Morocco. Four great stories about the hardships they face daily to get to school and that will be helpful for other ways of life that are given all over the planet.
Kirikou and the Sorceress: Based on an African folk tale, this animated film tells the incredible adventure of Kirikou, a very special child who faces the Karaba witch fleeing violence and using their ingenuity in order to defeat the curse stalks his people. Directed by Michel Ocelot, its soundtrack was composed by the Senegalese Youssou N’Dour.
Said trip: An animated short film in clay, essential and thoughtful, which tells the story of Said, a Moroccan boy who sets out to sea in search of a better life. However, on reaching the peninsula, nothing is as nice as it looked. Winner of the Goya 2007 for Best Animated Short Film.

For older (from 12 years)

Traces of Sandalwood: After the death of his mother, Mina had to leave his little sister Sita. Thirty years later, after becoming a successful actress india, Mina come to Barcelona in search. A film based on the book by Asha Miro and Anna Soler-Pont on hope, discovery and multiculturalism in a globalized world.
Promises: Is the hatred is based on ignorance, ignorance of the “other”? An essential documentary to approach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of seven children of both territories. Despite living 20 minutes away, they know nothing about each other, just what their elders have passed. A story full of hope!
Hatred (Hate): The director Mitzi Goldman directed this documentary with the aim of investigating hate, its causes and motivations, analyzing this widespread feeling that sometimes seems even be part of human nature. The film focuses particularly on understanding the linkages between individual feelings and conflicts collectives? Impressible!
This is England: A film for over 13 years set in the England of the early eighties and that is the story of a group of young skinheads. Shaun The protagonist is a lonely child during the holidays meets a group of local skinheads which finds support and acceptance. Interesting to further racism and violence, dealing with peer pressure in adolescence.
The Help: Skeeter returns from college determined to become a good writer. Its aim is to interview the maids who for years have been serving wealthy families of Mississippi 60s, suffering a racial discrimination. A story based on the book The help, and racial conflict is with humor and tenderness.
American History X: A classic when we address issues of neo-Nazism and racial violence. A film that leaves the audience speechless, and allow your students many questions arise. Where you born hatred and racism? And how is it transmitted? Not recommended for children under 13 years.
14 Kilometers: A film awarded the Golden Spike 2007 which tells the moving story of Violeta, Buba and Mukela, three young Africans and their dangerous journey to reach Europe through the Strait of Gibraltar. Difficulties, cultures, danger and hope to discuss immigration from another point of view.