Interior to the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal, Panama City is the closest developed port in the United States. George Mortimer West imagined outgrowth real estate development during the construction period of the Panama Canal. The town was renamed as Panama City as it was intersected by the capital of the Central American country of Panama and Chicago. It has been listed as one of the best art towns of less than a 50,000 population in America.

The economy of Panama city mainly hinges on the shipping industries. It plays a major role in overall development. This industrialized city has a system of private charter schools, Bay Haven schools, and University Academy. The city has a humid subtropical climate with long, hot and humid summers, and short and mild winters.

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Panama City offers a treasure of sight-seeing opportunities and destinations for travelers. Panama City is a heaven for water-sports enthusiasts. Kiteboarding, kayaking, sailing, and paddle boarding are some of the popular activities in the crystal blue waters. There are numerous charters who offer inshore and offshore snorkeling, fishing, and scuba activities. The local trips guided by experts are also available for dolphin-watching. The city has many golf courses where you can pamper your desires. You can also plan a visit to the uninhabited Shell Island. The water views and delicious seafood at famous restaurants of Panama City will definitely make your day.

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