Preventing the development of global nuclear proliferation Nuclear proliferation is global9 places might have nuclear weaponsUSChinaFrance IndiaIsraelNorth KoreaPakistanRussiaUKMore than thirty others have the technological ability to quickly acquire themSome examples areGermanySouth KoreaJapanIs growing concerns about the environmentMultilateral institutions have failed to prevent statesIndiaPakistanNorth KoreaNuclear proliferation were largely successful before 19913 states are known or believed to have acquired nuclear weapons during the Cold WarPakistanIndiaIsraelNot a single known or suspected case of proliferation since the early 1990s—Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, or Syria—was deterred or reversed by the multilateral institutions created for this purposePakistanIraqIranNorth KoreaLibyaSyria Libya abandoned its nuclear program in 2003Solutions Nuclear bomb not detonated since the end of WWIINine countries with nuclear bombsRussia has most France has all deployedUS with most reservesRussia has most deployed5 countries with all reserve nuclear bombsNorth KoreaChinaIndia PakistanIsraelNuclear “Triad”Land-based missiles Submarine-launched missilesWeapons carried by aircraftFormer countries with nuclear weaponsIraqArgentinaSyriaBrazilLibyaTaiwanSouth KoreaWeapon programs UkraineKazakhstan BelarusSouth AfricaPossessed nuclear weapons Nuclear latencyGermanyIranSouth KoreaJapanTaiwanOnly time nuclear weapon used in war1945Near end of WW IIUsed on Hiroshima and NagasakiJapan View: Decrease amount of nuclear weaponsAtomic energy law of 1955Restrict Japan of nuclear energyOnly used to create peaceThree non-nuclear which was adopted in 1968No manufacturing nuclear weapons No possessing nuclear weaponsNo permitting nuclear weapons Treaty on NPT (Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons)Rely on US on the extended nuclear deterrence Tackling the issue of asymmetric terrorism Types of asymmetric warfareHijackingSuicide bombs Guerrilla warfareWeaker group attack stronger groupUsing nuclear weapons is not a type of asymmetric warfare