1N051 CDC Unit 1

(001) Whose responsibility is it to budget on and off-duty time to complete assigned training tasks?
(001) What Air Force Instruction can you reference to determine trainee responsibilities?
AFI 36-2201 Vol 3
(001) Which skill level(s) does the commander have to approve?
1N051, 1N071 and 1N091
(001) What is the requirement for becoming an Operations Intelligence Apprentice?
Successful completion of the resident Operations Intelligence Apprentice Course
(002) How many distinct and separate enlisted tiers are there?
(002) How many semester hours are required for an enlisted person to complete a CCAF degree?
(002) What AFI is commonly referred to as “the little, brown book”?
AFI 36-2618
(002) Basic Military Training fulfills which requirement towards the CCAF degree?
Physical Education
(003) What Joint Publication is the “DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms”?
JP 1-02
(003) Commanders will not prosecute a target without _________?
(003) Which document describes the 1N0X1 specialty as “member performs/manages intelligence activities/functions including developing, evaluating, and providing intelligence information”?
Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory
(003) A 1N0X1 member supports all aspects of Air Force Operations by doing what?
Collecting, analyzing, evaluating and disseminating
(004) OODA describes the process an individual or organization uses to react to a (an) what?
(004) Which acronym is the analysis methodology most commonly associated with special operations forces?
(004) While analytical tools may vary they all do what?
Identify information
(005) What is the first step in force protection?
Risk Management
(005) A small group of knowledgeable individuals develop the vulnerability assessment and forward it to the commander; this group consists of which personnel?
Law enforcement, housing, engineer staff, Fire protection, security, medical services, CI, Intelligence, communications, emergency planning and NBC
(005) Convoy briefings consist of what information?
The enemy situation, capabilities, terrain, weather, and route analysis
(005) Who is ultimately responsible for which level of risk to accept?
(005) Who is inherently responsible for base force protection (FP)?
(006) What is the minimal composition for the intelligence fusion cell?
AF Intelligence, AFOSI and Security Forces Specialists
(006) What does a tactical intelligence package support?
High Value Target or a High Value Individual
(006) Counterintelligence is similar and often confused with what?
(006) Members of the Intelligence Fusion Cell collect and analyze pertinent information to support what type of mission?
Force Protection
(006) What agency is the Air Force’s main point for CI activities?
(007) Which type of attack targets Air Force personnel and infrastructure through psychological operations, propaganda, electronic attacks, and network attacks?
nformation Operations
(007) What level of threat consist of small tactical units, unconventional warfare forces, guerrillas, and may include significant stand-off weapons threats?
Level II
(007) This threat attempts to adversely affect Air Force information systems, information-based processes, and computer-based networks.
(007) This threat is often planned to attract widespread publicity and are designed to focus attention of the existence.
(007) What type of attack does Security Forces patrolling in the BSZ mitigate?