1N051 CDC Unit 2

(008) Identification of needs for intelligence regarding all aspects of the operational environment starts with which phase of the intelligence cycle?
Planning and direction
(008) What provides the foundation for development and validation of intelligence requirements, captures the framework for planning and direction of ISR operations and establishes guidance for the operation of all elements of the ISR process?
ISR strategy
(008) What is identified as most important to mission accomplishment?
Priority Intelligence Requirements
(008) What describes the units situation, mission, and activities the unit will conduct to achieve mission goals?
(009) Lack of a ___________ may also result in discernible patterns that may play into the adversary’s CI or denial and deception (D&D) efforts.
Multidiscipline Approach
(009) This type of operation is planned and conducted to conceal the existence of the operation itself.
(009) What provides unevaluated, raw information gathered in response to intelligence collection requirements?
(010) What phase in the ISR process comes after the collection phase?
Processing and exploitation
(010) Geospatial intelligence may be used to update database resident with what?
Global Command and Control System Integrated Imagery and Intelligence
(010) COMINT and ELINT fall under which collection information?
(011) How many steps are there in the Analysis and Production phase of the ISR process?
(011) The objective of ________ is to form a logical picture of hypothesis of enemy activities.
(011) The evaluation code uses a letter to show ________ and a numeral to show ________.
Reliability and credibility
(011) Whose mission will determine which of the available reference documents and materials to use preparing reports and studies?
Your unit
(012) What process requires continuous management?
(012) Like briefings this type of format has an introduction, body and summary.
Detailed Reports
(012) What depicts friendly, adversary, and third-party force dispositions and contacts on tailored graphical backgrounds?
(013) Intelligence and operations personnel jointly evaluate how well intelligence is ________ and ________ with operations.
Disseminated and integrated
(013) All intelligence personnel and consumers are responsible for providing timely ________ of the ISR process.
(013) Who evaluates the quality of intelligence products?
Intelligence personnel and consumers at all levels
(014) The main emphasis of _______ and ________is not only to fill a requirement levied by the MAJCOM, but also to aid aircrews on subsequent missions to the same target area.
Collection and reporting
(014) When performing your duties with intelligence collection and reporting, what is one reason you should perform training for aircrew?
Because aircrew are a valuable source of perishable intelligence and training the aircrew what to report can ensure they report important intelligence
(014) The training you provide on collection and reporting requirements should include the units EEIs, procedures, methods, and message formats used in what?
(015) How many step are involved in mission reporting?
(015) To ensure the reports are effective, they should follow what three guidelines?
Content, timeliness, and accuracy
(015) Each claim of strike data is broken down into how many categories?
(015) Only ________ reports with proper content are understood.
(016) Where can you find the process for submitting a MISREP?
(016) What type of report is submitted as soon as possible after the information has been acquired?
(016) Identify the report that is similar to an INTSUM, but contains more refined analytical information.
(017) ISR assets are often separated into two categories what are they?
Traditional and non-traditional
(017) The Cobra Ball suite of _____ and _____ sensor systems is designed to exploit the enemy electromagnetic spectrum.
(018) What non-traditional ISR asset was purchased to fill the void left behind from the retirement of the TARPS system?
(018) Weapon system video (WSV) can serve as a _____ analyst tool by providing playback viewing of cockpit video.
(018) Aircraft with a _____ pod cannot carry a targeting pod.
(019) Collection operations gather information about the adversary and battlespace and provide that information to ________ and ________ elements.
Intelligence and exploitation
(019) This model is a tool used to characterize the sort of processes that typically happen in a collection cycle for a given sensor.
Tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED)
(019) During which step in the TCEPD model does the commander determine which asset to use in the collection phase?
(020) What division consists of these four teams are ALCT, AMCT, ARCT and AECT?
(020) The primary products of this division include the air tasking order (ATO), airspace control order (ACO) and joint integrated prioritized list (JIPTL).
Combat plans division
(020) The COD is responsible for publishing any necessary changes to the daily ____ and ____ in response to battlefield dynamics.
(021) Once information is processed, analyzed, and exploited, it must be disseminated via a push or pull method to who?
The warfighter, leaders, and decision makers
(021) In the _____ method of dissemination, analyst _____ products from various electronic databases, IPLs, or other repositories by intelligence organizations at all levels.
Pull, pull
(022) What team is the focal point for the ISRD for implementing, coordinating and maintaining PED support from agencies outside the AOC?
The PED management team
(022) The PED management team directs, manages, and coordinates all PED activities in support of what?