1N051 CDC Unit 4

(034) What is the term that refers to energy that spreads out as it travels away from its source?
(034) The EM Spectrum is divided into regions also known as what?
(035) RADAR is an acronym for what?
Radio Detection and Ranging
(035) Every radar transmitter produces a RF signal with specific characteristics that differentiate it from all other signals and define its what?
Capabilities and limitations
(035) For very long range/early warning radars operate at ________ frequencies to increase detection range, while most target tracking radars operate at ________ frequencies to increase target accuracy.
Lower, Higher
(036) What is the most common type of radar design?
(036) If the signal returns as the same frequency as it was transmitted, then it means the target is not moving is what type of radar?
(037) What are the two possible uses for a phased array radar?
(037) What type of radar system provides range, azimuth, and elevation?
Ground Control Intercept
(037) Host radar systems launch and provide target data to the _______ radar missile until its seeker is within range of the target.
(038) This type of jamming generates noise and deception jamming technigues to deny threat system automatic capability or generate sufficient tracking errors to prevent a successful engagement.
(038) This type of jamming uses a wide-band noise transmitter designed to deny the use of frequencies over wide portions of the EM spectrum.
(039) What are the two types of polarization?
Linear and circular
(039) RWRs are also known as the aircrafts self-contained ________ collection system.
(040) In the Rivet Joint’s electronic support mission, it provides _____ to national and theater consumers.
(040) The JRFL is limited to the minimum number of ________ necessary for friendly forces to accomplish JTF objectives.
(041) What type of reflection forms the half tones, shadows and details we see on an object?
(041) What is the most significant limitation for IR sensors?
(042) Which visible light concepts refers to the bending of a ray of light?
(042) ________ is a variation of the refractive index in relation to the variation of the wavelength of light.
(043) Lines of communication are a direct indication of what three things?
Economic, industrial, and political
(043) A greater number of _______ are present at a ground forces installation than in other military facilities?
(044) Which of these when identifying order of battle affect thermal signature DO NOT belong?
(044) The main reconnaissance value of IR imagery is _________, even when they are camouflaged?
Detecting activity levels