1NX51 CDC Unit 2

(011) _________ helps to achieve and maintain information superiority.

Information operations
(011) Information Operations is the integrated employment of which capabilities:
Influence operations, electronic warfare operations, network warfare operations
(012) _______ is comprised of six individual operational activities: PSYOP, MILDEC, OPSEC, Counterintelligence ops, public affair ops, and counterpropaganda ops.
Influence operations
(012) Which operational activity provides an effective and versatile means of exploiting vulnerabilities of hostile forces to create fear, confusion, and paralysis, thus undermining their morale and fighting spirit?
(012) _____________ is a powerful tool in military operations and should be considered throughout the operational planning process.
(012) IFO support from which capability includes identification of threats through CI collections and analyses and assessment of threats through reactive and proactive means?
(012) What is fundamental to military operations because it disrupts, damages, or destroys the enemy’s resources to wage war?
Physical attack
(013) The AF describes ___________ operations as integrated planning, employment, and assessment of military capabilities to achieve desired effects across the EM domain.
Electronic warfare
(013) Which of the following is not a major activity of Electronic Warfare.

Electronic support
(014) What operations are conducted in the information domain through hardware, software, data, and human interaction?
Network Warfare operations
(014) _________ is the collection and production of network related data for immediate decisions involving NW Ops.
Network Warfare Support
(014) A primary effect of which Network Warfare Operations is to influence the adversary commander’s decisions?
Network Attack
(015) Integrated Control Enablers (ICE) capabilities include all of the following except:
What ICE capability is used to maximize force effectiveness by optimizing strengths, exploiting adversary weaknesses, and countering adversary strengths?
a.       ISR
(015) How is PBA accomplished?
Lays out a methodology that enables integration of all ISR assets available to commanders.

(015) Which Integrated Control Enabler allows coordinated and accurate force application by any platform in any medium?
(016) During conflict, the balanced application of which capabilities achieves the greatest synergistic affects at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels?
Kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities
(016) Military operations during peace include preconditioning activities to establish safe havens, public affairs news releases, NetD, and
(016) Commanders use he intelligence derived from ISR assets to include which resources?
AF, joint, and national agency assets
(016) All operations, including IO, depend on effective
(016) Which of the following is NOT a constraint on ISR capabilities?
IO planning requires early and detailed preparation
(017) The most dynamic period of intelligence planning and direction occurs during
The execution and assessment of ongoing operations
(017) The six phases of the intelligence cycle must focus on
The commander’s mission and concept of operations
(017) What is the foremost challenge of collection management?
Maximizing the effectiveness of limited collection resources within the time constraints imposed by operational requirements
(017) Intelligence products and services fill an information gap needed by
(017) Which of the following in the Analysis and Production phase of the intelligence cycle is part of a structured series of actions to convert information into intelligence products?
(018) ISR assets are divided into what two categories?
Platform and sensor
(018) What is the prime advantage of space-based systems?
Ability to provide worldwide coverage
(019) When did the Office of the Secretary of Defense mandate that each service develop a DCGS?
(019) What term is used to refer to the entire collection of current and future USSOCOM USR TPED?
(020) A combined environment is one where
More than one country is present
(020 Which of the following is NOT an AOC the JFACC can call upon to accomplish the mission?
AOCs based on strategy development
(020) The Master Air Attack Plan Team (MAAP) is organized under which AOC division?
Combat Plans Division
(020) The Strategy Division (SD) is divided into what three teams?
(020) ISRD personnel are assigned throughout the CPD and work closely with what teams?
(020) The SIDO team is the focal point for ISR support to the COD and is responsible for
Threat warning, dynamic targeting, dynamic ISR operations, non-traditional ISR, ATO execution, analysis, and assessment
(020) What does the Army component commander establish to act as the interface between the JFLCC and JFACC?
(020) The SOLE Director serves as
JFSOCC’s personal liaison to the JFACC
(021) The Analysis Correlation and Fusion (ACF) team analyze, correlate, and _________ intelligence data and information into one commonly understood picture of the operating environment and disseminates that picture to all air and space component intelligence customers in support of the air tasking cycle.
(021) The Target/Target Analysis Team is comprised of the target development cell and the Target Analysis cell, with ______________ embedded in other Air and Space Operations Center Divisions to ensure continuity.
(021) T/F The National Tactical Integration (NTI) shifts the focus of national Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) performance from discovering and reporting data to collaboratively generating actionable intelligence for the Joint Force Air Component Command.

(022) In which step of the Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (IPOE) process are the adversaries Centers of Gravity, Capabilities, Doctrine, and Applicable Tactics, Techniques, and procedures?
Step 3
(022) The term “__________” includes not only traditional target systems, but also decision process, trusted advisors, and other key personnel.
(023) During which phase of the targeting cycle are target restrictions including collateral damage, Rules of Engagement etc. are reviewed?
(023) What is the third phase in the Air Targeting Process?
Capabilities Analysis (Weaponeering)
(023) Schools. Churches, hospitals, Embassies, and other important land marks are all examples of which type of target?
No Strike Targets
(023) An example of _________________ is when bomb fragments from a legal target inadvertently strike a civilian area.
Collateral Damage
(024) For marginal data the color Purple represents what?
Aeronautical Features
(024) _______________ Symbols are other symbols that may be specific or unique to an Area of Responsibility or location that the chart covers.
(025) Latitude works off the base _______ conversion principle.
(025) What two letters on the Military Grid Reference System are omitted to avoid confusion with numbers?
I and O
(025) The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is the home of ______________ and the Prime Meridian.
Greenwich Mean Time
(025) What type of Coordinates system is predominately used by the Air Force and the Navy?
Geographic Coordinates