2013 Envirothon

smallest members of the rodent family
mice, voles, lemmings
Why are populations large?
they breed often and have large litters
Food supply for?
many predators, including bear, coyotes and others
When are they active?
at night; all year
What is Pennsylvania home to?
two native species of micefour volesbog lemmingtwo jumping micetwo species from Europe
Winter sign of rodents?
Mouse cache of seeds and nuts; food that has been collected for winter
What type hibernate?
only jumping mice
What do they eat?
mainly herbivores, but sometimes eat insects, eggs, spiders, small creatures
Where to find them?
almost anywhere; meadows, farms, cities, marshland, homes; surface of ground or tunnels
round nests made of mounds of leaves and grassesinside the nest chamber is soft plant material; litters born here
born hairless, blind, called pupsat one month can fend for themselves and mother can give birth again -> large populations