2013 Envirothon

What is the name of the bat’s order?
How long is hoary bat?
5.1 to 5.9 inches
How many inches is the wingspan of the hoary bat?
14.6 to 16.4
How much does the hoary bat weigh?
0.88 oz to 1.58 oz
How big is the pygmy bat?
2.9 – 3.5 inches
What is the wingspan of the pygmy bat?
8.1 to 10.1 inches
What is the weight of the pygmy bat?
0.14 to 0.25 oz
How many species of bats are in PA?
(all the time)
9 live in PA all the time
How many visitors from the south?
What family do PA bats belong to?
What is another name for PA bats?
Evening Bat and Common Bat
What do bats eat and how?
insects; take prey on the wing; in mid air and over water
How much do bats consume?
up to 25% of its weight in a single feeding
What is small on bats?
On bat is, what is large and well developed?
Can bats see well?
What helps bats catch prey in the dark?
Describe bat sonar
Bats utter high-pitch sounds that humans can’t hear; these sounds bounce off any object and bounce back to the bat’s ears.
How long is a bat’s sound pulse?
2.5 milliseconds
How do bats eat large insects?
they are disabled with a bite, put in a basket made of the bat’s wings and carried to a perch for eating
What happens if an insect tries to dodge the bat?
the bat flicks out a wing, nabs the prey and draws it to its mouth
Describe bat teeth
Bat’s have sharp teeth to chew their food into small pieces
When do bats mate?
most in late summer or early fall, but some in winter
Describe baby bats
born in summer; naked, blind and helpless; nursed by the mother
Describe a six week old bat
almost full sized and self-sufficient; able to be on their own
How many bats does one mother bat have in a year?
one to four young; one littler per year
When do PA bats fly in search of food?
late afternoon, evening and early morning
Do bats ever fly in the day?
yes; roost disturbance and heat stress may cause them to fly in the daytime
Where are bats during the day?
Roosting alone, in pairs or small groups; in a dark space like a cave, rock crevice or hollow tree; an old building, barn, church steeple, attics
How do bats sleep?
hanging upside down by their feet
What do bats do in fall, winter and early spring when there are no insects?
Three species migrate south; six hibernate underground in caves
Describe bat hibernation
Bats eat nothing in the winter, surviving by slowly burning fat they accumulated; temperature drops to air temperature; respiration and heart slow; blood changes
Are bats hard to rouse from hibernating?
no; they are flying within about 15 minutes
Describe hibernation caves
several species may hibernate together; bats may move around a cave to find better temperatures
What are some myths about bats?
~prone to rabies
~guano causes tuberculosis
~aggressive and attack people
~dirty and have lice
Should people handle bats? If you must clean up guano, what should you wear?
no; a mask (respirator)
Why are bats so clean?
they must be clean to fly
Where do colonial bats often roost?
Are colonial bats harmful? Why are they a nuisance?
No; droppings, odors, noise
How long does it take to remove bats? Why?
2 years
Year One: watch to see where bats are exiting; count; make bat box before August; seal entrances in the fall
Year Two: bats move into the bat box
Why should people NOT seal their house in June and July?
it will trap flightless bats inside
What is the problem with poisoning bats?
poisons are harmful to humans; may cause bats to scatter and fall and are more likely to contact humans and pets
Are there bat pesticides?
How do exterminators get rid of bats?
Exclusionary techniques