In Kate Chopin’s story “The story of an hour” “There was a
woman her name is Mrs. Mallard” which was sick and has heart issues. She
received news about her husband death when her sister Josephine told her that
her husband dead, she was so sad and she couldn’t believe the news. “She wept,
she stayed in her room” Then she accepted the idea of his death, she planned
for her future without him and she felt free, even though she loved her husband
but at the same time she felt controlled by him or maybe she had complicated
feelings for him. Josephine begged her to pen her room’s door, then Mrs.

Mallard finally opened the door. “Richard” Josephine’s husband was waiting at
the bottom with someone “Mr. mallard). The Drs said that Mrs. Mallard died
because she had heart disease and she died because of the joy but actually she
died because of the shock that her husband isn’t dead. April 19, 1894 this
story was first published in “Vogue” magazine and it was reprinted in January

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In my opinion, I didn’t like the story so much because it
was so complicated story that we didn’t know any thing about “Mrs Mallard”
husband and how he used to treat her, and why she was so sad at the first place
but then she felt the freedom after his death. There was a lot of anonymous
things, feelings, information and facts, but in general it was good story but
not my favorite.