3S251 1-4

020. Where can you check for current publications and changes?
The publication index.
020. What do you do if a publication is not available on the internet?
See your information manager.
020. What does the STS identify?
The required training publication references for each task in an AFSC.
020. What is a better source for technical references than the STS?
The AFJQS, if applicable.
020. Where can you go to find local training references?
AF Form 797.
020. What are the two systems of Air Force publications?
Standard and specialized.
020. Describe standard publication.
Issued by SECAF, CSAF, commanders, and staff officials to announce policies, assign responibilities, prescribe procedures, direct actions, and inform people.
020. What are some examples of standard publications?
Departmental, field, installation, and unit publications.
020. What are specialized publications?
They are established for a specific reason, such as assigning missions or functions.
020. What are two examples of specialized publications?
TOs and CFETPs.
020. What are the two categories of Air Force publications?
Directive and nondirective.
020. What is the purpose of directive publications?
To meet the requirements of law, safety, and security.
020. What are some examples of directive publications?
Policy directives, doctrine documents, mission directives, instructions, manuals, interservice publications, supplements, and operating instructions.
020. What is a policy directive?
Orders of the SAF to initiate, govern, or regulate actions of conduct.
020. What are doctine documents?
Statements of officially sanctioned beliefs and warfighting principles that guide personnel as they plan, employ, organize, train, equip, and sustain Air Force forces.
020. What are mission directives?
Prescribe the mission, area or responsibility, organization, responsibilies, and command relationships of Air Force units.
020. What are instructions?
Orders of the SECAF that provide essential procedural guidance necessary to implement Air Force policy.
020. When should you use instructions?
When you want to direct action, ensure compliance, or give detailed procedures to standard actions.
020. What are manuals?
Extensions of instructions.
020. What are interservice publications (IP)?
Mutually agreed upon policies or procedures needed to carry out a common mission or function.
020. What do Operating Instructions do?
Asign responsibilities, direct actions, and prescribe procedures.