5 Themes of the Renaissance

-emphasized the critical study of the Greek and roman classics in order to better understand human nature and bring about new age of intellectual achievement-emphasized new areas of study (liberal arts or humanities)-Renaissance = rebirth which was applied to the renewed interest in study and application of the classics

emphasis on the value of worldly, not religious (sacred) things (but not anti-religious)ex. Art, and literature become more realistic, emphasis on self, created for entertainment rather than solely dealing with religious theme

-tied to secularism and humanism, especially in the area of the arts-individuals tried to stand out, especially evident in competition for patronage of the arts

emphasis on logic, proof, beginning of science, of questioning the Church’s authority

-be the most you can be-try to do as many things as you can as well as you can-Renaissance Man (Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci)