50 Health Care Jobs

In a healthcare setting, such as a large scale hospital, there would be a variety of people working. Some of these people would belong to the administrative section of the hospital while others would be part of the healthcare service section.

The difference between the two is that administrative section is responsible for the management of the hospital and its resources while the healthcare service section actually treats the patients coming to the hospital.

Corporate Services

First we look at the administrative section of the hospital. Like most businesses, running a hospital is a business too. It is based on the simple logic of providing healthcare service to the patients (customers) in exchange of money.

This money is utilized in various activities of the hospital involving operational and strategic decisions. Like most businesses, a healthcare service setting would have these work units and these people working in the administrative section.

This list is non-exhaustive and can include much more jobs depending on the size of the healthcare service. The legal department is very important these days in healthcare settings due to the high rate of malpractice and high rate of legal action against doctors.

The relationship between these work units is horizontal since they all work at the same level without cross functional interaction. The HR department sometimes takes lead in making personnel changes at the workplace, however all these corporate departments come under corporate head or sometimes called the CEO.

Healthcare Services

The core of the healthcare setting is the technical staff which is more generally known as the healthcare officers. They are responsible for treating diagnosing problems of the patients, treating them and doing everything in their capability to cure the patients back to health. Most of the biggest healthcare settings would have these work units.