543 Midterm

Fareeha is a sophomore that is coming to terms with her identity as a member of the GLBT community. She has recently started attending the GLBT Community Alliance meetings that are held on campus. One night she notices a group of people in her class staring at her as she walks into the meeting. She accepts that they may not support her and continues on to the meeting.
Possible answers:
1. Fassinger- Deepening Commitment to Group, she accepts possible consequences of LGBT community
2. Cass – Stage 4, ID Acceptance- she has a more stable sense of sense.
Following Chickering’s 7 Vectors, at what vector are you in when you have clear vocational goals and are committed to them
Developing Purpose
Chris has only recently started diving into the history of his culture as a black male. He knows that he wants to do away with his old self because he feels that he never appreciated his roots, but he does not actually know what his roots are.
Cross and Phagen- Stage 3 of Sector 5
Clear vision of what to shed, unclear of identity to assume
Adam went through life casually, not recognizing that his white privilege may have been helping him in life. His first encounter was when he got a job on campus over a close friend, Jordan. Adam knew that Jordan was more qualified for the job, had a better resume, and more available hours. Jordan was also black. Jordan was not happy that Adam got the job and told Adam that it was because of his race. Adam considered this when he really thought about the job and Jordan’s abilities. Adam began to feel guilty for getting the job over Jordan and considered quitting when he started in a few days. When Jordan stopped speaking to Adam, Adam got upset. He started blaming Jordan for the problem and became more resolute in taking the job.
Helms WIDM Phase 1- Abandonment of racism, Status 3- reintegration
When Gina gets to campus her freshman year, she starts to connect with other Asian American’s through the student organization. By doing so, she begins to recognized her status as an oppressed minority and she is then willing to participate in group ventures against racist social structures.
Kim’s Asian American IDT
Stage 3- Awakening to Social Political Awareness
– No longer want to be white
– Gain political consciousness
There is little to no anger against whites here, that comes with the transition to stage 4
Frank has recently seen that being white has allowed him to lead an unchallenged life. He has heard of, and seen, his friends in minority groups speak of struggling because of their race and status. He begins to think of how he can help his friends in minority groups, but at the same time not hurt his image in the white community.
Rowe, Bennett, and Atkinson- White Racial Consciousness Model
Achieved White Racial Consciousness
Reactive- Recognize that inequalities exist and that POC bear the brunt of them. Grapples the tension of creating relationships with POC and challenging the white status quo
Aaron is currently doing an internship at the Disney College Program. He is latino, but in way recognizes this as part of his actual identity, so he lives as a white man, loving Disney.
Feldman and Gallego’s
White- Identified
Adopt white racial identity and live their lives as white people