8 Dates to understand education

To understand how the education they need is necessary to know what they say “great” thinkers of our time. His words are the stars that should show us the way. Here I present some quotes that as a GPS, will help you not miss on your educational journey:

Zygmunt Bauman: “Forget completely and quickly outdated and stale customs information may be more important to the future success memorizing past moves and build strategies based on prior learning.”

Richard Gerver: “Today, the ability to change, at all levels, It is so fundamental to our survival and prosperity as our ability to breathe. “

Roger Schank, “When the subject taught has nothing to do with the real objectives students, will be forgotten altogether. “

Ken Robinson: “(…) if you’re not prepared to go wrong, you can never obtain anything original.”

Roger Schank: “Learning for life is not so much the continuous acquisition of knowledge, but improving our ability to perform these processes through the acquisition and analysis of the experiences provided.”

Paul Tough: “[…] the most important for the development of a child is not the amount of information that gets put in her brain during her early years. The crucial thing is if we can help them develop a diverse set of qualities including perseverance, self-control, curiosity, thoroughness, resolution and self-confidence are included. “

Nuccio Ordine: “It is often forgotten that a good teacher is primarily an indefatigable student.”

Maria Montessori: “The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to say: Now the children work as if I did not exist.”