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a) Introduction:-Education is a process of encouraging learning, gaining knowledge, skills and values. Our brain learns continuously, throughout our entire lives, learning begins from that very moment when as a baby we become aware of our surroundings. Our learning cycle that begins at home, within the family is further expanded and improved with the help of teachers, mentors, instructors, trainers and everyone around us. Through LMS, technology didn’t just open new scopes for children’s learning and improvement but there is also a new window through which parents involvement in child’s education experience can be increased. LMS provides parents with immediate access to their child’s grades and academic progress and it parallely connect them with the school, teachers and administration to keep a close check on their child.The result is a transparent environment that encourages collaboration and engages conversations among parents and educators.1. LMS builds an active online united communityLMS now are now adopting to popular social media like interfaces, such as facebook. These interfaces help develop a united community of teachers, administrators, mentors, parents and student for sharing information and keeping everyone up to date with what is happening in the classroom. LMS should not only focus on creating a portal for student and parents to login and download what they need but should consider on creating a space that encourages sharing ideas, values and helps engaging with one another. Such platforms help parents share their insights, concerns and questions regarding their child. Since a lot of parents are not much tech savvy so these parent communication portal on LMS are designed such that they provide an easy access to streamlined processed students data.2) LMS are accessible 24/7LMS’s  24/7 accessibility allows you to login anytime, anywhere. If you are a busy working parent it becomes easier for you to review your child’s grade on your mobile phones anytime. Be an active parent. Keep a close eye on your child’s performance. Access the learning resources shared by the teacher, and work together with your child at home. Monitor your child’s learning habits for better results.