A Quarrel

Ever since my childhood, despite having a lot of friends, there wasn’t anybody that I really got attached to except my mother and I must say that everything seemed to be predestined as if a meticulously crafted plan when I met Sally, the one who taught me what is really meant by the word “buddy’ and the one whom I shared the name interests, confidences and jokes, to say that she was my one and only soul partner would be understatement as we always took only a while to end our “cold war’. We knew that we needed each other all the time. It all started on a day when Sally and were walking home after school.

We, at the bus stop, met her boyfriend, Peter who was quite good looking but must admit that he just looked like a playboy! Not to disappoint Sally, I could do nothing but only to brush away the thoughts of him when I was introduced to him. It took only a moment to prove my instinct was true. He started calling me up few days later just to talk and worst still, he insisted on dating me. Dreaded it. All sorts of terrible thoughts came up to torment me as I didn’t know how to tell my lifetime companion about it. Had he fallen in love with me? Or he was just fooling with me? Should I tell Sally about this?

Days stretched into weeks and I, at long last, could not hold things in anymore and narrated everything and anything about what her boyfriend was doing. The next thing pursued would etch profoundly in my mind even the passage of time could not erode it. “Love you? What a sick joke?!! I love Peter and Peter loves me. That’s all. Wonders will never cease that Peter would love you. ” Lingering for a few long seconds, she continued to splutter with rage. “Aha! You must be jealous of our blissful love! Never ever for the likes of you could break our relationship not to mention that you are just disgusting. Her words struck me dumbfounded, at a loss for words. Hardly could I live my buddy, Sally would blurt out such merciless words and then made me a persona non grata, refusing to look at me that was enough to send me into bouts of depression despite knowing that she was obviously blinded by his charms profession of false love but I could do nothing to convince her except hope that one day she would see for herself his true colors. As expected, the day did come. Sally had seen him flirting with another girl and what mattered most was when he saw her, he refused to even acknowledge her.

Overwhelmed by indignation, she stormed away, knowing that was right after all. “Sorry, Anne… Things have proven that you are true. He was none other than a playboy… ” Sally, approaching me on the next day, eventually broke into tears. At that particular jiffy, words were unnecessary between us as she was in my arms. Something dawned on me that I had actually cared about her. Something which I had never felt for any other friend. Hardly could I believe that I took a quarrel to make a good friend, almost the best of buddies actually.