a second chance

Second Chance:
Plot: A young man contemplating about what led him to the edge of the cliff.
Characters: The main character is only known by his nick name Babs. He talks about his family and refers to his dad as Baba, (which is Arabic for dad).
Conflict: A man with a conflicting mind contemplates and reflects on the past few years in his life that led him to the edge of the cliff, on his back, covered in blood, overwhelmed with regret, fear, and pain. There’s two ways off the ledge, either way, someone dies.
Setting: This story takes place in both Chicago, Illinois in the winter of 2014, and in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska in the summer of 2019.
Point of View: The 1st person point of view of Babs. When death is lurking in your veins, your life presents itself to you through your dimming, and regretful eyes, in the way you lived. In life, every couple years or so, you reflect on yourself, seeing what and who you are versus what and who you wanted to be. I’ve never been where I should or wanted to be. I’ve made some mistakes, just like every other human being. What I’ve done in my short twenty four years of life on gods beautiful green earth has led me here. Lying on the edge of this cliff, with my neck and torso over this mountain top, blood slowly flowing up my shoulder and down my neck like a stream of interconnecting rivers; one river ending at my mouth forcing me to swallow my own blood, the others getting in my eyes and going throw my gaping nostrils gasping for air, making breathing and seeing that much harder at this altitude. I have my own custom made six inch hunting knife dug into my right peck, with a human hand stuck between my chest and the knife. My family is dead; my friends are gone; everyone I know is oblivious and careless to anything that’s happened to me. If I bleed to death or fall off the edge, no one will miss me or come looking for me. If I decide to live and somehow make it to a hospital, I have no one to live for or…