A to eliminate them. Hence, ISIS seeks to

Caliphate is an Islamic State. In 2014, the group of Islamic State of Iraq and
Syria (ISIS) has restored the Islamic Caliphate and named their leader, Abu
Bakr al-Baghdadi, as a Caliph, to the prophet Muhammad in the early Islamic
empire (John, E.L., 2018). Therefore, ISIS established the Caliphate in order
to continue the prophecy of Muhammad from the seventh century. ISIS main
objective of establishing Caliphate is to create a Muslim state that will conquer
the world (Tim, L., 2015). To Muslims, it is a duty to always seek to establish
a caliphate and they believed a Caliphate can only exist if it holds power and
territory. This is what makes them psychologically binding to each other that
anyone besides their group or against their group are their enemies and they
need to eliminate them. Hence, ISIS seeks to fight for greater political,
legitimacy and militant power. For instance, ISIS’ first goal is to assert
control over Iraq and Syria. They succeeded in controlling Libya and present in
many parts of the world such as Yemen, Afghanistan, the Sinai Peninsula in
Egypt, Europe, Asia, and the United States (Tim, L., 2015). Through this, ISIS has
been using their Caliphate propaganda to reach out to all Muslims around the
world in order to bind them into one perspective. As this is a technology era,
their propaganda is mostly based on the internet presence and its objective is
to influence other Muslims and to recruit more members to the group. As an
example, before the pedestrians attack in Barcelona, it is reported that the
Islamic State’s online magazine published an article about advices on how to
kill a large number of people using a special kind of truck. The authorities
still figure out whether the lone wolves killers read the article but it seems
that they followed the advices. As a result, ISIS’ propaganda machine seems to
grow and influence significantly to the people around the world as they aims to
recruit more supporters by publishing many videos and articles a day (Joby, W.,
2015). This propaganda also influences them put their devotion only to their
god. “Propaganda isn’t just one guy putting together a magazine or a pamphlet;
it’s a form of strategic communication…” (Douglas, W., 2017).