Abigail Adams

While opening the essay Adams does a good job of reminding her son of the occasions in the past that he has taken her advice and it has played out in his favor. This strategy is used by Adams to remind her son of her knowledge and why he SSH old listen to her. “If had thought you capable of judging what was most for your own Ben fit, should not have urged you. ” By opening her letter with this reminder, Adams is using Log so, and appealing to John Quinsy’s logical or rational thinking. She is also opening his mind to all the other advice that is yet to come in her letter.

Dam’s also employs a very powerful threat in her letter. In the second appear app Dam’s very clearly states the importance of John Quince not messing up his opportunities. “You, however, readily submitted to my advice, and, I hope, will never have co casino yourself, nor give me reason, to lament it. ” Here Dam’s is stating that she gave him go odd advice and hopes he doesn’t make her regret it or disappoint her. This statement also AP peals to John Quinsy’s emotional side, or Pathos.

Everyone seeks their mothers approval an d it is motional when you let your mother down. Dam’s reminding John Quince of this will help him make decisions that would make her proud and in this case, It would be follow wing her advice. In her letter Dam’s is sure to give John Quince a good amount of praise. She states the “nature wasn’t deficient” and “You are favored with superior advantages u ender the instructive eye of tender parent”. She is reminding him that he was born into a good family and has many aspects going in his favor.

This praise is nice but in turn puts pr assure on him o live up to these kind thoughts and not diminish the advantages bestowed o n him and his family s name. However this language is also encouraging and is meant to ins Pier John Quince to do great things. An important ending to Dam’s letter is the application of guilt. In the line, “Do honor to your country, and render your parents supremely happy, particularly your eve r affectionate mother. ” Dam’s employs a considerable amount of responsibility on John Quo inch.