Abortion Research Paper

Lives are taken away from helpless children every day . Some do not even get the chance to take their first breath This should not happen Life is an amazing gift, so why take it away from a helpless child? Despite all the emotional damage a mother could have, what about a failed aborted child? H owe would he/ she feel, if known they were an attempted abortion? Abortion is murder and should be considered illegal The most common type of abortion is Suction Aspiration Abortion, and also called Menstrual Abortion This abortion is used for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

The mother is given general or local anesthetic . Then the cervical muscle is stretched open and a hollow plastic tube is placed inside . A suction machine is turned on and sucks out everything in the womb . The bones of the helpless, unborn child have not developed or hardened . The placenta is scraped from the walls of the womb and placed inside a jar with the contents of the b baby. This act of violence is murder According to the article “Abortion” on the website Our Bodies Our Selves, the percentage for aspiration abortion is ABA UT Sconce 2 72% Another form of abortion is Dilation and Curettage Abortion .

This abortion is performed in the first ;level weeks of pregnancy just like the Suit Aspiration Abortion. The baby and the placenta are scraped out of the womb with a loop shaped knife and placed inside a basin. The same concept as the other, but used with a different instrument. It does not matter how the abortion on is performed, this is all considered the same thing, murder. RUE and Metamorphose is used five to nine weeks of pregnancy. It is a pill taken orally by the mother of the unborn baby. They are 90 to 95% effects in the abortion process. The way this harmful drug works is the nutrients are eating cut off from the helpless baby.

This process will cause starvation to the baby in a few days. Then the metamorphose kicks in and poisons the baby ca sing their death. The mother is then responsible for finding a dumping place for h dead, lifeless child. This is truly disgusting, mothers should not be trying to if ND a dump spot for their child. Children should have the right to live and develop p like every other human being. Poisoning a baby is cruel, inhumane . This is murder, poisoning a grown human is murder, so is poisoning an unborn child On the website Teenagers, Melissa explains her pill experience, I’m 1 and my boyfriend is 18.

A week ago today I took the medical pill. Then Sconce 3 Friday last week I took the four pills that make you basically go into labor started throwing up, and felt the tissue come out. Looked in my underwear, and there was the baby fetus looking at me with one eye. It was horrible. I now regret it greatly and wish had my baby. I never thought that would regret it, but now I regret it more than anything, and not at day will go by that I wont tell that child how sorry I am. I will never forget looking at my dead child saying I’m so sorry while crying my eyes out.

Along with Dilation Evacuation Abortion, another type is the Hysterectomy Abortion. This abortion happens when the mother is four to nine months pregnant. Ir is really similar to a Cesarean section live birth, except the baby I killed in the end. The mother is believed to deliver a live baby. The baby is ail eve and fully functioning, the intent is to deliver a live baby so that there is no complications if the abortion is a fail. When the baby is born, the baby is fully alive, then drowned in a bucket of water. The small, helpless, breathing, child is filling up ifs lungs with water, suffering in the water.

This is murder; someone e cannot kill a fully live child without having a conscious . People who perform these actions need help. Killing a helpless child, forcing them to drown in watt is murder. This is killing an innocent human being taking away a helpless life, Sconce 4 with full potential to be a great human being. People are crazy; would people a twenty year old human? No, not without charging the murderer with time prison, but they wouldn’t do that to an abortionist who just killed the innocent of an unborn child. Nor would they charge the mother with murder for choose ins her child’s fate.

There are many psychological effects of having an abortion. As the graph shows this is the information provided by the article “Abortion Risks” women with an abortion are more than likely to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. After the 90 days after the abortion was performed the mother is more than likely to be admitted too hospital. The mothers can experience uncontrollable crying episodes, deterioration of oscilloscope, and reduced motivation. They also can lose sleep, appetite, and experience sexual disturbances They can try and avoid interpersonal relationships, and intimate relationships.

Sconce 5 “Approximately 60 percent of women who experience postposition sequel report suicidal ideation, with 28 pierce NT actually attempting us iced, of which half attempted suicide two or more time s. ” (Abortion Risks) Another thing that is very common in women who have had an abortion is substance abuse. “Women who abort are five times more likely to report subsequent drug or alcohol abuse than women who deliver. ” (Teen Abortion and Pregnancy) To risk being addicted to drugs or become an alcoholic is insane, rather than have a beautiful child sleeping in y our arms.

Most women feel guilt or anger towards themselves after they have performed the abortion. A mother can also abuse their future children, became use they are depressed and usually break out in some type of violent behavior. A child’s life is precious, extremely valuable, and charitable. Another effect of abortion is physical effects. Some physical complications you can have are cervical tearing and laceration from the instruments. Another thing you can experience is perforation of the uterus b instruments, which requires major surgery like a hysterectomy. Hemorrhage Sconce 6 hock is a common physical effect of abortion.

Pastorally Syndrome is very common, it is where the uterus becomes enlarged and gets blood clots. “Sect pregnancy is more likely to occur if the mother has had an abortion before. ” (Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion) The mother might also a prefer m birth after going through an abortion. Also miscarriages are more likely to happen to the mother if she has undergone an abortion. Also preterm or low birthrate children are also common when the mother has had an abortion. Risking future children’s lives is not right. After an abortion is done mothers a asking their future children’s lives because they made a mistake.

Abortion is murder, murdering a child and having such physical complications is crazy. A child’s life is an amazing blessing, do not ruin it by killing an innocent child. In addition to all the physical effects of abortion, abortion violates human rights. The life off human being begins at fertilization. An egg cannot fertilize itself, it has to have a sperm. With that being said once two humans interact I sexual intercourse theft risking making another human being. This is a risk that is being taken, and they must be prepared for the consequences.

Roller states in the book Abortion, “Once there are 46 chromosomes, that one cell has all o the DNA the whole genetic code for a genetically distinct human life. ” (37) A Sconce 7 human is a human. All humans are created the same, and they’re all born into this great world. No one should be aborted, no matter what is wrong. A hum an being is created to have purpose on this planet. Another reason is the unborn have rights. Not only a selected few should stay because they’re wanted. All unborn children should have the right to live their wonderful life to the fullest. This child is denied for their right to live.

An unborn child is its own person. The child has their own DNA, genetic code, an blood type, and it’s just not apart of the mothers body. Although the unborn child is relying on the mother for nine months does not mean that the mother can chose whether or not the child lives their life. A woman’s greatest gift is their children and many women are killing the innocent children before looking into their eye This world has turn into something disgusting. Mothers are killing innocent children that relied on the mother to deliver them into this world, only for the mother to kill that child.

This is an act of murder. Is the fetus viable? Viability should not determine whether or not someone is a developed human or not. According to the book Taking Sides it States, “A 25 week old fetus can survive outside the womb. ” (194) With that being said, abortions are done usually after the fetus is viable. Which means the mother Sconce 8 committing an act of murder. “The fetus is not protected by the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee that life shall not be taken without due process of la (Roller) That statement is embarrassing. The government will protect anyone else, but not the future of the nation?

That reflects on this country negatively. Another reason is that most Americans are profile. Profile Americans are against abortion. They are also against other things that risk human life. The want to stop unwanted pregnancies. This is a fantastic idea. Cut down Anna need pregnancies, which cuts down abortion. The less abortion the better. Abortion n is murder and killing another human being is completely unethical. This community of people are helping women and teenagers through their problem ms if they’re on the fence about performing an abortion.