Academic of information society. ICT tools have become

Academic Libraries in ICT

           Rapid developments of Information
and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have changed the traditional concept of
libraries. Modern academic libraries are more powerful, dynamic and can reach
their users without the restrictions of geographical boundaries. In this
Internet era libraries fast moving to digital mode and can be accessed

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           Use of ICTs in libraries has become
great advantage for its users as they can access wide variety of information
resources such as text, sound, images etc., according to their needs Therefore,
application of ICTs become an essential part of information society. ICT tools
have become backbone of the human community. At this point, academic libraries
facilitate universal access of scholarly brains and allow scholarly community
to accomplish their goals as efficiently, reliably and perfectible as possible.

           Libraries can store huge amount of
information using new technologies and transmit this information to anywhere
without any geographical barrier. Scholars fulfill their thrust of information
using new technologies without wasting their precious time. ICTs facilitate for
rapid transmission of information globally through its networks. These
innovative technologies made convenient platform for the scholars to make use of
information as well as explore them. Traditional housekeeping methods are now
carried by using newer technologies. Newer technologies have given better
solution to most of the problems encountered in the field of librararies
related to the acquisition, organization of information, reference services,
circulation and bibliographical services.

           Modern Internet is rapidly
progressing beyond the creation, delivery, management and preservation of its
resources to provide quality services for the humanities. The explosion of
information through the WWW and human interaction through wireless devices and
mobile telephony is increasing day by day.