Academic Writing Outline

According to an article by Alison Bryant in Lifestyle Magazine KICK, if you like cultural activities, cities will always have plenty going on. C. There are theaters, cinemas, museums, art galleries, dances, talks and festivals that can be compared to what we have here in Manila. D. These places also does not have to be expensive; many places offer low-cost tickets and discounts.

E. Cities often have free festivals throughout the year: 1 . Cultural Center of the Philippines offer free shows that are for everyone. 2.

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Shoe Mart which is one of the largest superman’s in the Philippines showcase activates inside their malls that are available to all people interested in different culture. Ill. A. Unlike living in the country-side, cities offer convenience that make it a lot to its favor.

B. Clive Sales from Daily mail UK stated that when you are in the city, you have everything within easy access. C. Walking distance places and easy transport system will give you fast access to places that you need to reach. D.

It is also a lot easier to go outside without worrying that there will be no access to transport.IV. A. When it comes to health and safety, cities are within reach and are really accessible for these kind of services. B. Based on the article written by Julia lithely in eh. Com, getting to a hospital in villages or country-side may take time unlike in the city that hospitals can take only minutes to be able to reach. C.

When crime is committed in the city, police arrives on time and are readily accessible. D. You would not have to worry about the kind of problem where accessing these kind of services are hard when you are in the city. V. A.In terms of shopping access, cities are full of interesting shops, as well as the more useful kind where you need to access your needs in home and any more. B.

In an article in Lifestyle Magazine UK, you won’t need to drive for hours to pick up something that you need when you are in the city because it will make it a lot easier and convenient as well. C. When you forget something, there is always a store to pick up what you need.

D. Cities have every possible kind Of shop depending on the kind Of their specialty and they are open for longer hours as well unlike I the villages or country-side. VI. A.

From the article that have read in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and also when basing from my own experiences living here in manila, I can say that ties will offer you a lot of opportunities that are not visible in small towns. B. There are lots of universities that offer many courses when it comes to education. C. Getting jobs are also making you a great deal when you are in the city because of the chances of finding one with your specialized training or course. D. In cities like in Manila, you will get to know more people that can give you other opportunities in many aspects of life.

VII. Conclusion A.City life has so much to offer, so if you get the chance to live on one, make the most out of it. B.

Cities are exciting, colorful and even historic which will entertain you with everything amazing. C. Every City has a unique blend of shopping, culture and architecture that makes it an interesting place to live. D. The advantages of living in the city are indeed numerous than those of living in the village or in the country-side. Descriptive Essay (Outline) Mothers l. Introduction A.

Hook: There is a saying that “Mother knows best”, this is true because most mothers really know what is best for their children.B. Transition Sentence: Above all, only a mother can give unconditional love, she would do everything just to give her children a bright future.

C. Thesis Sentence: Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world who have a lot of good characteristics, I admire my mother for being such. II. A. Mothers always support their children and are responsible enough to attend to their needs.

B. My mother, although she is a single parent acts as the breadwinner of the family. C. Mother works very hard through thick and thin especially when it involves her children. 1.She is a teacher but in spite of her busy schedule, she finds time to look for her children. D. Mothers are superheroes with a lot of superpowers.

1 She can do many things at the same time. A. Mothers are caring enough and are good conversationalist to their family.

B. My mother always teach us the value of education because she believes that it is the key to our success. C. Mothers know what has to be done to make their children feel secure. D. My mother acts as an adviser and always tell me what to do every time have problems and when I am always down.

Lb. A.Mothers are very patient and they make sacrifices for their family especially their children. B. Although we are hard-headed or stubborn at times, my mother always forgive us in all our wrong-doings and teach us what is always right.

C. Mothers have a good sense of faith for her family. D. My mother always giver her time to remind us about God. V.

Conclusion A. A mother really knows what the best is for her children. B. She will do everything, all for the sake of her family. C. Mother’s sacrifices complete our personalities, and with that, there is nothing we can ask for.

Expository Essay (Outline) What Yoga Is 11-7 BASE MusiC Education A. Hook: Have you ever thought of finding inner peace while aiming for fitness? B. Transition Sentence: Yoga aims to transform the body and the mind through the physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines.

C. Thesis Sentence: Yoga helps us through developing our body capability and through helping our mind attain self-realization. II. A. The practice Of yoga will make your body strong and flexible in a way that you would find your inner peace. B.Yoga will improve the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems through aiming balance.

C. It brings about the stability of your body aiming the strength and flexibility that you are looking for without the stress of straining yourself. D.

Yoga serves as a cleaner that will erase all you unnecessary thoughts and problems. Ill. A.

The practice of yoga can be a tool in realigning and refinancing your body on a regular basis. B. You take control of your body and you can then become your body mechanic instead of having to pay someone else to do it for you.

C. Because your body is finely tuned, in yoga you will find that your chances for injuries and illnesses will drop. D. Yoga will serves as your gateway to a sickness-free life. IV. A. Yoga brings about the emotional stability and clarity Of the mind. B.

Yoga approaches are more than just for the body to gain strength and flexibility, but for the mind to gain balance. C. The practice of yoga helps us to transcend the physical and mental limitations and come to the easy state of simply being true to yourself. D.Aside from developing your sense of balance, yoga will stabilize your body through connecting with the environment. V. Conclusion: A. Yoga with its meaning “to yoke” or “to connect” will fill your mind with peace through cleaning all unnecessary thoughts.

B. Being mindful of what and how much your body can take or handle is one priority of yoga unlike any other activities for fitness. C. Yoga avoids pushing your body to its limits with aspect to your fitness goal.

D. The key to finding inner peace while aiming for fitness can be achieved through yoga.Mime Belle G. Oliver’s 11-7 BASE Music Education Narrative Essay (Outline) The Ordeal of My Friend in Taking The Nursing Board Examination l.

Introduction A. Hook: “The feeling was indescribable. It’s when you were both doubtful and hopeful at the same time. The feeling Was more priceless when I finally knew that I’m already s licensed nurse.

” My friend answered when I asked her the feeling of finally passing the nursing board exam. B. Transition Sentence: can elate the experience of being part of her journey to a roller coaster ride.I treasure more the moments, like ups and downs of still enjoying the ride and not yet arriving at the end of it. C. Thesis Sentence: The experiences that I have shared with my friend before, during and after she already became a licensed nurse is truly memorable.

II. A. Before the exam, she had told me her preparations to guarantee that she would pass. B. On the night of December 6, 2014, she scanned through her notes all over again.

C. She had prepared all the things that she would need for the exam: clothing, writing materials and food for the next day. D.She had slept early for the day of the nursing board exam. Ill.

A. During the two-day examination which was December 7 and 8, 2014, she was confident that she could answer all the questions with ease, but she was also nervous became she was out of focus sometimes. B. After the two-day examination, the process of waiting for the results became the hardest part for her.

C. I told her that all her efforts will result into something good and that the fruits of her labor will be the sweetest. D. She was not aware of what will happen next to her journey and it was indeed remarkable. IV-A. Many things had happened on the day that we were about to see the results of the nursing Board exam which was on the night of January 15, 2015. B.

A series of unfortunate events happened like we were almost bumped by a car while going on a computer shop and the first computer shop that we had encountered has no internet. C. We finally found a computer shop and struggled to navigate for the results because of the slow internet. D. Seeing her in the list made me almost shout for joy. I even checked her name twice to confirm if she really passed, and she really did. V.

ConclusionA. My friend is now a licensed nurse and as her friend I am very proud of her. B. All the experiences that I have shared with her through her journey of being a licensed nurse were nostalgic and incomparable.

C. Had called up for her to celebrate not just for the results, but also for the hard work she had put together with her very heart. D. The experiences that may seem like a roller-coaster ride gave us thrills, excitement and joy.