According to Dr. Gary Wadler

What makes baseball attractive and lovable to fans is the presence of real people playing the real game. What made it famous are the stars who made and beat records in the history of the game. Everything seems to be worthy of enjoying until the respected Major League Baseball tainted its reputation by the issue of rampant steroids use by its players.

In this paper, this writer aims to present the facts about steroids, its nature and its effects in the human body. Using such information, this writer will establish the link between its rampant usage and the performance of the current baseball stars, including the records they bear, they made and they have broken. From this point, this paper will then make connections with the steroids controversy and the existing policies of the MBL’s management. At the later part of this paper, recommendations as to improving the steroids-deterrent policies of the MBL are listed which this writer hopes that the readers will find worth considering.

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Anabolic steroids are known for its names roids, juice, hype or pump. Anabolic steroids according to health experts are 1“designed to mimic the bodybuilding traits of testosterone”. From its Greek origin, anabolic means, “to build” and “androgenic” meaning “musculinizing”, steroids that athletes use are medically known as anabolic-androgenic steroids (T. Fahey). According to Dr. Gary Wadler, the author of Drugs and the Athlete, anabolic steroids “are synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring male anabolic hormone testosterone.”

It is the anabolic effect of steroids that hasten the muscle build up through tissue building in a process called “protein synthesis” where the body retains dietary proteins aiding in the muscle development (G. Huckabay). It is this effect that encouraged athletes to use them. Athletes take steroids as performance-enhancers, believing that steroids will increase their agility but this claim has not yet been proven through scientific studies. The nearest truth for steroids’ performance-enhancing property is that these drugs actually 2help the muscles recover faster from injuries and work out.

Because of its the body-building effects steroids became popular with athletes specially those whose sports rely on strength and size (football, wrestling, baseball). Endurance athletes like the track-and-field players and swimmers are also steroids users, including those engaged in weight training and body building. In fact, 4testosterone was first used by Russian weightlifters as early as 1940-1950.


Steroids usually come in two forms: pills which are taken orally and injectables. As with dosage, athletes do take steroids in different doses in different cycles. One way is called of taking is called “stacking” wherein steroids are taken in large doses (megadoses) and with different types of steroid at one time. This method is for the purpose of achieving fast results. Another method is called “cycling” where large doses of steroids are taken in a span of 4-28 weeks and will be stopped for 1-12 months. Taking steroids in small dosages and then increased overtime is a method called “pyramiding”. Since steroids are illegal and therefore are not prescribed by physicians for non-medication purposes, dosage of steroids taken by athletes are estimates which increases risks of having side effects.


Health experts say that steroids have diverse effects to the users. Some effects are immediately visible while other effects might take a long time before they can be noticed. The effects of steroids are divided into two broad sections: the physical effects, the emotional/behavioral and psychological effects.