Adequate Progression

The district charges that the state therefore imposed an “unfunded mandate” on the District which violated Section 7907(a) of the No Child Left Behind Law The next step in this litigation is the appeal in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. How PAY is Measured Benchmarks measuring students progression each ear must meet the goal of 1 00 % proficiency ;State test must be the primary factor in the state’s measure of Adequate Yearly Progress ;They must use at least one academic indicator of school performance ;For secondary schools, High School graduation rate is the indicator.

The state must include separate test to measure both reading/language arts and math the measures must apply to both average students and students in u bijou as (Department of Education, 2001) How Schools Districts are Held Accountable School districts are required by the state to make the PAY for two consecutive years The states are required to develop rewards and sanctions for all schools The law specifies a number of consequences for those schools receiving Title 1 funds The parents must be notified of the students that need improvement Schools must provide “supplement services,” such as tutoring, to students attending low-performing schools, and providing assistance to the school or district identified

Additional sanctions are added, including ordering restructuring of the school, if a school identified for improvement continuously fails to make PAY Sanctions Identified for School Improvement Year I-parent notification that school needs improvement, improvement plan, research based strategies funds set aside extended learning, teacher mentoring, parental involvement plan Year 2-educational services available for low-income student’s, families Year 3-Replacement of school staff, Implement a new curriculum based on scientifically based research, professional development, decrease authority, extend school day or school year, Appoint an outside expert Year a-reopen as a charter school, replace principal and staff, contract private management company to demonstrate effectiveness. , state takes over school governance. Year 5- Implementation of alternate governance plan,rewards,primary academic indicators using standardize testing.

Concerns and Challenges determining PAY Whether special education students should be held to same standards despite disability causing difficulty on standardized test The use of standardize testing as a primary indicator of PAY due to diverse population Sanctions placed on schools are too severe, state intervention necessary The state is required to provide testing in each subgroups language of children who are not yet English proficient. Not all countries are on the same academic level or test the same making it impossible to judge by a test students’ standing Concerns continued… Teachers are held accountable for their students’ test scores and progress throughout the school.