Approach As the airplane approached the runway, it suddenly burst into flames. V It’s best to take a patient approach to aggressive young people. If you get angry too, it will Just make the problem worse. N The class studied hard for the approaching accuracy test. Budget If you are on a tight budget, it’s best not to eat out too often. Budgeting is an important skill that all young people should learn. It will allow them to save for the future and raise their awareness of the value of money.

Budget cuts to the tertiary (= university) sector, have meant that more students will be paying for their education in the future. Ad] If you want to buy a car, you will have to budget for it. A goal like this requires self-discipline and may take over a year to reach. Inevitable Selma completed little of the homework set by her teacher and did no extra work outside class. Inevitably, she failed her course. You can avoid the dentist as much as you like but it is simply an inevitability that you will need dental treatment at some time in your life.

Because there was no rain for many months, it was inevitable that there would be water shortages. Issue* Child labor is a serious issue on an international level. Do you have the latest issue of ‘AY Tithed’ Newspaper? I missed it. After you submit your application and 2 passport photos, you will be issued with a library card. Mistake If you think you can leave before you finish the task, you are mistaken Use pencil so that if you make a mistake, you can erase it. If you Mistake an adverb for an adjective, it can make your writing very confusing.

I have Mistakenly deleted the file you are looking for. Sorry. Misunderstand Sometimes it’s easy to misunderstand efficiency and consider it rudeness. Remember, that shop assistants have to deal with many people very quickly. The two friends had a Misunderstanding and ended up waiting for each other at 2 different malls. Negative It’s important not to have a Negative attitude to class and tests. This can make it hard for you to achieve good results. If there is a lot of noise outside the classroom, it can affect the students Negatively implanting about something! Rarity When you have a lot of work to do, it is essential to prioritize the tasks so that you complete the most important or urgent one first. Your university work should take priority over watching TV in the evening. Although Salami is a very hard worker, it is clear that his family is his first priority. He spends a lot of time with his wife and children resolve The ‘SALAAM’ Model provides a clear and logical approach to conflict resolution. If you don’t resolve your differences, you and your colleague may find it impossible to ark together on the project.

The new manager was viewed as a very decisive and resolute. Leader. He was determined to see the company succeed and wasn’t afraid of making difficult decisions. The previous manager had always been irresolute and indecisive. The company had suffered through his inability to make decisions and act on them. One country has offered to begin talks to stop the war, but the other remains resolutely opposed to this. Reveal I We found the newspaper article very revealing. It gave us a lot of information that we hadn’t had before.

Journalists should never reveal their sources (= who or where they got the information from) when they write an article that could make people angry. Following the Revelation of how the vehicle had been constructed, many companies tried to copy its unique design. Strategy Politicians and military leaders must be capable of Strategic thinking. It is important to practice listening and reading strategies before an exam. The historic castle had been strategically positioned at the highest point on the island so that the people could see any approaching enemies.