Advertisement of OTC Drugs

Advertisement of OTC Drugs Due to their sensitivity to human health and risk of abuse, Prescription Drugs are not advertised just like any other consumption products. Yet, even those that are sold over the counter entirely depend on brand loyalty and longstanding customer goodwill and marketing strategies applied vary from country to another, basically due to diversity in legal operating platforms. Recent OTC study reveals that there is abuse of these non-prescription drugs in various European countries especially Finland and France, (James Dudley International).

As pointed out in the study this abuse is due to some trends in the marketing of the OTC drugs in the European distribution channels. First of all, there is increased complexity in consumer market leading to lax in regulation of the OTC distribution network. For example the European consumer OTC self-medication and non-prescription medicines market today represents about 36% of world sales which is worth about $45. 04 billion at consumer prices. The structure of the supply chain in the European OTC market is on constant change, a change meant to reshape it for the better.

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There is deregulation of the chains of pharmacy supply in France commissioned by European Court of Justice and European Commission. In the UK there is continued concentration of the buying power of the pharmaceutical wholesaler. This is as a result of overwhelming vertical integration into retailing, logistics, and prevalent use of brand-driven marketing across European borders rather than channels of non-prescription sector which are today thwarted with underperformance.

In the US, it is not uncommon for prescription drugs to be branded as the products of retail chains and sold in their supermarkets as OTC. It is a case of consumer health market being hijacked by the mass market grocery ambitions and the overwhelming power of the chain discount drugstore operators in addition to presence of drug samples for patients all over. References: Marketing of FDA drugs, Accessed on April 8, 2008 from URL: http://scholar. google. com/scholar? q=Drugs+on+marketing+of+safe+prescription+drugs&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&oi=scholart