AFF Living Wage

The veil of ignorance, along with the original position, is a method of determining the MO reality of a certain issue. It is important for Rails that the planners of a future society operate b Enid this Veil Of Ignorance in order to view the effects from multiple viewpoints thus offering a more moral and equal standpoint leading to justice. Contention 1: justice requires decisions to be made through a veil of ignorance-Living Wage promotes equality. In the words of Frances Wright: “Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it. John Rails’ idea of a veil of ignorance popes to achieve economic equality by establishing the original position. John Rails states “l assume that the parties do not know the particular circumstances of their own society. That is, they do not know its particular economic or political situation, or the level of civilization and culture it has be en able to achieve. The persons in the original position have no information as to which generation they belong” If said person is not aware Of their financial standing the system will b e established to benefit all economic situations.

If the economic standing were made equal the e gap between he rich and the poor with decrease. With this veil of ignorance the implement taxation off living wage will be done in a way that promotes equality to an even farther extent t hen already expected and equality is encompassed strongly in justice. Contention 2: A living wage upholds the veil of ignorance by solving many of s socio economic societal issue. A professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Health Sciences at the Univac resist of York States “The single best action that I believe local authorities can take to reduce health h inequalities is to implement a living wage policy.

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This will have a direct impact on the income inequality, which in turn is a root cause of health inequalities and other social ills. ” Her SST dies have shown that societies without a living wage tend to have poorer outcomes on obesity, drug dependency, mental illness and infant mortality. A living wage not only provide sees families with money but also the means to improve their community’s overall well being. T mark Frogman is president and CEO Of Vanity, Canada’s largest community credit union. He states “being a leveraging employer is another way we live our values and contribute to buy Ding healthy communities that are sustainable for the long term. This proves how not only the employees can benefit from living wage but the employers can as well by promoting their moral values. For instance, living wages give parents time to spend on childcare, raising pro deductive future members of society and breaking the cycle of poverty. This leads to increased educational opportunities and more social mobility for underprivileged families.

As a result t, living wages decrease teenage births, raise levels of child wellbeing and educational attain meet, lower levels of violence, and decrease crime rates. Therefore we ought to require a living wage be aid in order to promote equality for the people and protect and improve life. Contention 3: alternatives to living wage are inefficient MIT has developed a living Wage calculator to estimate the cost Of living in a c immunity or region. The living wage calculator lists typical expenses, the living wage and TTY apical wages for the selected location.

On the other hand, minimum wage sets an arbitrary ear innings threshold that fails to approximate the basic expenses of families. Consequently, many working adults must seek public assistance and/ or hold multiple jobs in order to afford to feed, clothe, house, ND provide medical care for themselves and their families. The Negative side may continue to argue for an alternative system to living wage such as a living income wage or the ETC however these systems call for government dependency which working people e should not have to need. On the other hand these systems are able to operate alongside the LAW.

With the others systems the government will have the control over the money Poe pile receive. These systems are also passable. These systems take into account your family y situation, however if you claim to have more family members you will receive a higher age abusing the system. With a living wage the average cost for each neighborhood is counted promoting more equality for the people in the area ultimately attempting the same thing . The implementation of a living wage in San Jose led to a decrease in unemployment NT rates, job growth, stable employee working hours, growing businesses, and a growing e economy.

This links to my value structure because we will be increasing the wages for people e but in a way that makes everyone equal based on their economic standing. We will also be shrink king the gap between rich and poor by enabling higher wages and stable jobs. Contention 4: Living wage betters society and benefits the most impoverished The current minimum wage in British Columbia provides only 52 per cent of w hat a family of four with two adults working fulfillment needs to pay for basics in Metro Vancouver ever.

Knowing this makes it clear that low wages are a factor in rates Of homelessness and d penitence on food banks. Putting more money in the hands of working families is one of the e best economic development strategies we can employ and an important way to solve family and child poverty. The wage rate varies by community as it reflects costs associated wit living in a specific place. In British Columbia, the living wage is calculated by the Canadian n Centre for Policy Alternatives. The calculation of the living wage is based on maintaining a modest lifestyle.

It includes enough for basic needs such as rental housing, food, cloth inning, child care, transportation, medical expenses and enough to ensure a family can afford to participate in some social activities, such as children’s recreation. If all families are able to h eve the money to Therefore Just governments ought to enforce a living wage in order to nah once financial debility, shrink the gap between the rich and the poor, improve life, promote moral values, and improve equality.