Alexie Sedaris Analysis Questions AP Lang Comp

Inhale Barras Jasmine Shaves Morgan Vasquez Superman and Me By: Sherman Alexei 2. ) Sherman description of his father plays against the stereotypes of Native A Americans because he portrays him as an educated man and an intellectual among those e who appreciate literature, this is a contrast among most natives because we were t aught to see Natives as lazy , moronic, drunks. 3. ) The effect of Lexis’s analogy of a paragraph to a fence is to show how a Para graph “held words” together.

A fence itself are pieces of woods or metal that also ho old together in order to create a more structured and stronger barrier. 4. ) He is talking about himself and how he perceives himself in a shameful Mann because of the stereotypes that exist in our modern world. Also instead of say ins “l” or other 1 SST person dialogue, he uses 3rd person to talk about his personal expel r. Incense through all Natives eyes because they’ve all experienced these same doubts. Me Talk Pretty By: David Seeders