Algore Ten Points

Changing the lights, replacing one regular light bulb with the new compact fluorescent go green lights, can save 1 50 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and this changes you can start in the place where you live, for example, my dad last year changed all the lights of my house to minimize costs in the invoice of the CAFE, but actually we notice that this lights are, proved to be environmental and helping with the emissions of carbon dioxide, so, not only helps to save the carbon dioxide, but also helps to your family to not spend big amounts of money in light.

These little things are very easy to do. The second point of driving less, think, that for me is difficult, because only the campus is like 15 kilometers from where I live, also I think that Monterrey is not a bike city, the cars drive to fast and to rude, and the is too far from where I live, I thinks that the best option is making carpool with my roommates, going to school, or going out, but that the best thinks that is Seibel for me, the other options are some difficult.

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The third point in which we need to recycle more saving 2,400 pound o carbon dioxide per year, never do this, sometimes when I am in the campus but with waste produce in my house, no, I think this is a easy way to help the environment only we need to have an order with the trash cans and its done, and the difficult thing a think is where to put the trash and where to carry all the waste because, the waste truck is only for general trash.

The other point of checking the tires of the vehicles it’s the easiest of this ten points, because someone can do it for oh, and while you are fuelling the gas tank, so, in this point there’s no excuse, to don’t have properly inflated the tires. The fifth point, in winter I need to say it’s very difficult, using less hot water, in summer I rarely take a bath with hot water, with the extremely heat of Monterrey, but I’m going to admit that in winter I’m going to forget this point.

One think that with several years I have seen is that in my house we not produce a lot of trash and waste, usually see when the trash truck arrive and I see in my neighbor’s 5 trash bags and in my house just one or two, my mom since we where child teach us hat, not to generate a lot of trash.

I think this point is one of the most difficult in this list, adjusting the thermostat, because in summer with the excessive heat, the only thing that I want is to arrive to my house and have my room extremely cool, and in winter like to get home and enter, and feel the hot that is inside, I think I can tried but this is one of the most difficult things to do.