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Almost everyone in the world has air conditioning, or knows about air conditioning.Air conditioning has helped us every day, preventing the people of the world from suffering from heat waves/strokes. Even though most people know about air conditioning, houses in Australia don’t actually have air conditioning.   Air conditioning was actually, unsurprisingly, inspired by people suffering from major heat in the world. People felt as if air conditioning was one of the most important inventions in U.S. history. Also, air conditioning will help people with seasonal allergies, such as a cold in winter or summer. One example of how air conditioning was invented is when people were suffering,  Willis Carrier believed the air conditioning unit would stop people from suffering. Air conditioning was one of the most successful units invented. Willis Carrier is the inventor of air conditioning. He was born on November 26, 1876, and invented air conditioning at the age of 25. He is best known for inventing the air conditioning unit in 1902. He designed and released the air conditioning unit in 1915. Willis Carrier unfortunately passed away on October 7, 1950. He was 73 when he passed away. A nickname for him was “the father of air conditioning”.  His idea to start air conditioning has changed the world forever. Air conditioning first impacted the world in 1923, a couple of years after it was released.The reason air conditioning made such an impact on the world, is because it was always there if the weather outside was hot, or if a wave of heat came. Desert homes became less and less heated. With all the serious humidity in the world, air conditioning stopped humidity from making people not go to beaches, or the ocean in the summer. 86% of people are suffering from the heat in the south. Every time someone on the news was saying about a heat wave, the theory for air conditioning started. The big idea for air conditioning was when people started to get more fresh air in the summer, to be able to come into the cold air of the air conditioning. To conclude, air conditioning was one of the most important inventions to be created. When air conditioning was first invented, the world had no idea.Air conditioning has prevented the world from serious problems, global problems. Air conditioning has, and always will be, one of the most important inventions to ever be created. As much as people know, we need air conditioning in our everyday lives.