Tucker Midterm

Name the 3 domains of human development
Physical, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional
Name 4 of the 7 child development theories
a. Biological theory
b. Behaviorism and social learning
c. Psychodynamic
d. Cognitive development
e. Cognitive process
f. Sociocultural
g. Developmental systems
_______ is consistent results from the same assessment technique.
_______ is the extent to which an assessment measures what it is intended to measure
What type of research is used to measure cause and effect results
Name the 4 parenting styles and circle the one that research suggests is the most effective pattern for U.S. children.
Authoritarian AUTHORITATIVE Permissive
What are the three phases of pre-natal growth?
Zygote, embryo, fetus
Name three primary teratogens
Alcohol, caffeine, drugs, tobacco
When emerging characteristics are tightly controlled by genetic instructions it is know as _________.
Draw and identify the parts of a neuron
Name the four stages of Piaget’s cognitive development theory:
Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operations, and Formal Operations
Name the two primary types of genetic disorders
Chromosome abnormalities & Single-gene defects
What do we call thinking about your own thinking?
What is the function of the myelin sheath
To insulate axons so they can conduct electrical charges quickly
At what age is the myelin sheath mature?
About Nine
What is the form describing the range of tasks that a student cannot perform independently but can perform with the help and guidance of others?
Zone of Proximal Development
What is the Vygotskian term for building on prior knowledge to learn?
What is Vygotsky’s theory generally called?