Alphabet poem

Ella Isabel. Ms. Harriet Piddle acknowledged the presence of the participants while Mr… Augustine Lizards gave the welcome remarks and gave some encouragements to all the members. He included the relation of “reflexive property’ in real life situation that made the participant understand the relation between it. He welcomed the participants with the question, “What is your purpose in coming in this affair? ” the question gave the participants different reactions while some Jokingly answered that they were forced (hoping not). Ms. Shay Sapwood read the History of the Mathematics

Society. She narrated the events that have been accomplished by the organization since its birth and its ups and downs with special mention to the society’s trademark- the tutorial services. She also mentioned about the society’s best achievement for the year 2011-2012 that is, being the Student organization of the Year. Before the introduction of the guest speaker, a special intermission was given by the first year students. Ms. Rhoda Kiwanis introduced the guest speaker. The guest speaker, Mr… Judder Pangaea, gave a message that inspired all the members.

He described the society as a well-organized one basing from the mentioned accomplishments and he said that this should retained by working hard and helping each other for the good of the organization. All members should cooperate and be active in all the activities being conducted. He stated that, “In a certain group, there are leaders. Leaders can be good followers and followers can be good leaders. ” Being a leader is not easy without followers. He also said that leaders and followers should: L- Learn Acknowledge A- Diligent D- – Empower Resourceful R- F- Friendly O- Obedient L- Leader

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O- Observant Induction ceremony followed with the acknowledgement of the outgoing officers inducting officer is Mr… Judder Pangaea, a mathematics and science teacher at NYMPHS. The inducted officers are as follows: President: Strike M. Fabian Vice-president: Harriet K. Piddle Secretary: Diary D. Ramirez Assistant Secretary: Rhoda C. Kiwanis Treasurer: Joyride W. Kid Auditor: Urethane B. Bottle Press Relation Officer: Rebecca L. Gadding Business Managers: Mark Loan Noble M. May-gag Representatives: First year: Second year: Third year: Fourth year: Clay Mangy-at Ralph P.

Gulled Jake Beguiles Christina Lining Chairman of Tutorials: Jennie M. Convey Co-chairman of tutorials: Ella Isabel The turnover of the key of responsibility also marked a notable event. Mr… Strike Fabian, the new president represented the group in the acceptance of their Joint responsibilities. In this line, he asked the cooperation of the members so we would move hand in hand towards the attainment of our goal. This was replied with a loud applause from the listening guest, advisers, alumni and members. The last part was the colonization. They dined and played together.

Mr… Valentine Tuna introduced games and all the members were excited to Join. After the games, Mr… Tuna introduce a team building activity that is, he let all the members form a circle. With everyone’s eyes closed, he let them complete the letters of the alphabet without chorus or repeating any letter in the shortest possible minute. This activity opened the minds of all the members to concentrate and try to feel each other’s presence. About 13 minutes, they were able to finish it followed by their big hands of applause. After the activity, they sang and prayed together.

However, there are problems met. Lack of cooperation is one. During the preparation, only few members came to help the officers. In the event, less than half of the members were present. The humiliating part is that the lower years have more initiative than the higher years. Basing from the number of the mathematics society members, not even half Joined. From the fourth years, it is an embarrassment that only one is present. Observance of time management is also one is also another one. The activity started late due to the delayed arrival of the members and even the officers.

It even took the guest speaker linger for no less than thirty minutes. It Unpreserved was also observed. The emcee was not geared up to stand in front causing another member and an alumnus to be the master of ceremony. It was then recommended that the members especially the officers should be punctual and think about the task assigned to them as their first priority. Practice or training is needed also for those who will be managing the program. The Induction Program and Acquaintance Party is a periodic activity of all organizations and it is worth it.