Picture tools format
The ribbon appears at the top of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 window when an image is selected.
Normal View
The presentation view in the PowerPoint 2010 View ribbon that enables a user to view one slide at a time in the Slide Pane.
The area in PowerPoint 2010 that serves as a temporary storage location for text or other objects when you cut or copy them.
It contains a theme, sample text, and graphics on a slide or slide background to guide you as you develop your content in PowerPoint 2010. This type of file can be selected as a starting point to create a new document the quickest.
Review Ribbon
The ribbon in PowerPoint 2010 that contains the command to check spelling on a slide.
The effect in a presentation that adds interest to a slide show and focuses audience attention on important points by adding entrances, emphasis, motion paths, or exits to text or objects.
Live Preview
The PowerPoint and Publisher 2010 feature enables a user to point to an item in a list and without actually selecting the item see the effect in the publication or presentation.
Enhanced Screen Tip
The thing that appears on screen in the Publisher window when you point to a command on any Ribbon.
Table Border
The area to click when you need to select only part of a table.
Tab stop
This location that the cursor moves to on the horizontal ruler when the tab key is pressed.
Paste Options
The gallery that appears when the paste command is used in a publication.
Format Painter
The command that is used to copy the formatting of one piece of text or objects to a different piece of text or objects.
The explanatory or identification text that accompanies a graphic, figure, or photo.
When customizing graphics this is the saturation or intensity of color in a graphic.
When customizing graphics this is the amount of black or white added to the color in a graphic.
The process of removing a portion of a graphic.
Applying color to the inside of an object.
The type of presentation is used to teach an audience how something works or helps them understand a process or procedure.
The visual effects in the form of movements from one slide to another during a presentation.
The command on the Insert Ribbon is used to place an image from your storage device into a presentation.
The type of slide show is created to display only selected slides during a presentation.
Self-running presentation
The type of presentation runs on its own but can also be set to accept user interventions to advance to another slide or return to a previous one.
The type of presentation that is used to present facts or make the audience aware of something.
The type of presentation that is used to call an audience to take a position and action in a controversial topic.