America the measures he will take to defend


America The Great is Unified Through Heartbreak: The Attack on Terror

                When the topic of the terror attack on the twin towers arises, many American’s are flashed back to where they were at in that exact moment when they received that heart wrenching call telling them to turn on their television or radio to hear the news.  For many American’s, whose lives were affected tremendously; it is a day that their hearts will never forget.   It is a day the world stood still as we watched many civilians fighting for their lives and fighting for the lives of others. 

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President George W. Bush gives a speech on September 20, 2001 addressing the motives behind the terrorist attack as well his plans towards action.  He puts the American people to ease that this attack will not go unnoticed; he comforts the American’s by stating his plans to fight back, the measures he will take to defend our country and protect our people.  President Bush reaches out to other nations by asking for them to join us in this fight for freedom and explaining that they are vulnerable to these attacks.  He states that with time the grief will subside, but that this day will not be forgotten, “some will carry memories of a face and a voice gone forever.”  President Bush promises to rebuild New York City as well as providing greater security for airlines to prevent attacks from reoccurring.

President George W. Bush uses rhetoric to comfort the United States people, as well as warning other nations by using logos, pathos, and ethos; he unifies all civilizations by expressing that we are all under the same attack.  He reaches out to the world by empathizing with the American people that he understands what they are feeling. He reassures the American people that he will not stop at any cost to protect our nation and to fight for our freedom.  He persuades other countries to join us in our fight by warning specifically Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan that they are all at great risk of the same terror attacks by Al – Qaida, motivated to overthrow governments. 

The President of The United States has many important roles; the President is both the head of the state and head of the government, giving Bush the authority to give information on the terrorist attack because of his knowledge as President of the US.  The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, allowing him to give our military commands and expectations.  As President of the United States, George W. Bush had an important role to protect and fight for our country, and he took on the role of securing our country seriously. 

President Bush’s speech uses pathos to help American’s feel his support and sympathy, as well as portraying his anger and sorrow.  His purpose was to allow the American’s to be heartbroken, while still acknowledging the damage the attack has caused.  By using pathos he allows those heartfelt emotions to motivate the American people to become more unified as a nation because of those same feelings we share.   He reassures the American people that this attack will never be forgotten, and America will always remember the lives that were lost.  President Bush uses passion and confidence to reassure the American people that they have no reason to believe that America will forever be a nation of terror and fear by explaining to congress that we are in control of the effect we allow this threat to have on our nation; because of the attack on terror we have the ability to come back stronger through our courage.  “And in our grief and anger, we have found our mission and our moment.”  Using pathos, Bush turns the trial of our freedom into a triumph by convincing the people that we have the ability to control our perspective.  President Bush shows sympathy to the victims that lost loved ones by inviting all nations to pray for strength in their journey ahead.  He shares his motivation for the security of America by reflecting on George Howard’s police shield, an officer who died in the World Trade Center fighting to save innocent lives.  “It is my reminder of lives that ended and a task that does not end.”



He announced that we respect the Muslim’s faith, that many of our people are a part of their religion, and we respect that they practice their faith freely. 

President Bush expresses his perspective and reasoning as to why our country was targeted and invaded by Al – Qaida, in attempt to bring peace and closure to the American civilians.