American Literature- The Puritans

Dominating force in their lives

Church of England
Puritans were opposed to itThought it frivolous and didn’t follow scripture

Group moved to Holland Difficult conditions

Pilgrims arrive in America

One who travels for a religious purpose

Mayflower Compact
1/2 dead by first winter

Another group arrived Settled in Boston (Massachusetts Bay Colony)

Absolute Sovereignty
All powerful God

Literal Interpretation
Word for word understanding of the Bible

God knows from the beginning who will be saved

The Elect
“Chosen Ones”

Divine Intervention/Providence
God is directly involved

Natural depravity
“Born evil”

Self examination

General Beliefs
Work ethicPlain living and high thinking

Government laws support morality of the Church

Puritan Plain Style
Formal languageLong sentence Impersonal Biblical themes Full of allusionsDidactic

Teaches a moral lesson

Purpose of Puritan Lit
Tell truth Record history Self examination

Kinds of Lit
Diaries and journalsSermonsSome poetry

William Bradford
Elected governor of Plymouth Plantation 30 times Lost wife to drowning Sold own farm to help Plymouth

First permanent colony (1607)

French and Indian War
France allied with Indians to drive British out of North America

Group of english protestants who sought to “purify” the Church of England

Burst of intellectual energy that questioned who should hold power

Historical Narratives
Accounts of real life historical experiences

First thing Puritans did after landing
Thanked God

Season of arrival

First winter
People stayed on shipHalf died

DI examples
Gave seeds for cornGot to arms in time Weren’t hit by Indians Squanto

English speaking Indians
Samoset Squanto

Anne Bradstreet
first notable American poetBorn and raised in England- smart8 children


To My Dear and Loving Husband
Their love is beyond compare When they die they will live forever

Burning of Our House
Asked God to help her Her riches have been taken awayBut hope and treasure lie above

Jonathan Edwards
Family history of being a sermon Obsessed with spiders as a kid

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Targets fear, guilt, pityUses persuasion, imagery, repetition, emotions God is wrathful