An event that truly marked a starting point in your life.

My close friend was having a dinner to celebrate her birthday at a restaurant not so far from my house the next day. She asked me if I could come. Told her that I had to ask my dad, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to make it, because he wouldn’t allow me. Even though I thought he wouldn’t allow me, I still went ahead and asked him. “Dad, my friend is having a dinner for her birthday tomorrow at The Regal Restaurant in Us and she was wondering if I could come. ” My dad then said, “What’s the name?. Then said “Thelma… Them Brew”. Dad: “Time?

Me: “7 o’clock in the evening’. After I said that, there was some silence before he said “k fine. But call me when it is done, k? “. I froze. Different sorts of thoughts were rummaging through my head. I thought was dreaming. To be sure that wasn’t, I asked him, whether he said I could go and he said, “Yes”. Was thrilled, overjoyed, and over the moon. I even danced around the house a bit. Couldn’t believe what had just taken place. Said thank you, headed for my room, and grabbed my phone. I called my friend and told her the good news.

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She was very delighted at the fact that I could come to the dinner, teased me a bit, and asked me why was always so negative. After that we talked for a bit, and then headed off to sleep. The next day, I went to the dinner at the restaurant, and had a wonderful time. That was partly because I was actually going out for the first time, and wasn’t with either of my parents or siblings. When it was done, I called my dad to tell him. He said k and that he was coming. When he finally came, I was the last one there apart from my friend and her siblings.

We said our goodbyes, and then I headed for home with my dad. It was an incredible experience. Still couldn’t believe It, even when I was in the car going home. That night, slept very nicely and soundly, seeing as the night’s activity made me feel happy. This experience meant a lot to me. Seeing as on a normal basis, my dad wouldn’t have given me permission to go out, it showed me and proved to me that my father began to trust me, and he started seeing me as an adult.