Anarchy of power’. Balance of power means when

Anarchy can be linked with many concepts in International Relations, one of them being ‘balance of power’. Balance of power means when all states have the same amount of power. Anarchy is the complete opposite of this term and is the very cause of why there is no balance of power in the world. The anarchic nature doesn’t allow for there to be any sort of balance in power between states because there is no law to state the amount of power each state is entitled to. America is said to have the utmost power out of all the states and are labelled as the ‘hegemon’. Hegemony is predominant power applied by one state over others. Then we have countries such as Afghanistan with the government weaker than ever because of the mess that America has made. It is because of the anarchic system that we have the terms ‘first world’ and ‘third world’.


Anarchy is interpreted in many different ways subject to which theory one looks at. Realist view anarchy as a society where all states are left to fight for themselves. With no predominant power to set laws and control the behaviour of all countries, leave states no other choice but to find different ways to defend themselves, hence the creation of nuclear weapons. Anarchic means, no one else can be trusted and any external actor is an enemy. America and England’s reason for using the atomic bomb was not just to scare and prove to Hitler that they are very powerful but also to the rest of the world that they are not afraid to use their power. The message was sent loud and clear when they destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Without a supreme power to punish and regulate behaviour, every state will look out for their best interest even if it means using violence or coercion and hurting innocent people in the process. In realism view, the anarchic system is the main cause distrust in the world and why governments cannot cooperate and work together.