“And Everyone deserves the love that makes them

 “And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” Finally, everything is falling into place. Tom is finally in the right place in his life. “I’m already living my dream, I’m finally living out my passion.”, Tom said to himself. Tom definitely deserves his success after all that happened between him and Summer. It is now time to focus on his self, on his new job. This should be a great reminder for Tom that it doesn’t matter who he is and where he is in life, everyone deserves a break, everyone deserves to stay away from everything that gets them stressed, from negative things. Success, Tom definitely deserves this, he’s been very hardworking. Of course, Tom definitely deserves love, something that is pure, honest, and true love. Every person in this world deserves that one person that they can run to at times when they are having either a good or bad day. Everyone deserves the love that makes them fight for more. The love that will make you feel  worthy and loved. There’s someone for everyone, it’s the timing that’s different for everyone. Is this the break, success, and love that Tom’s been waiting for so long? Tom has really been enjoying his life. He loves his new job and is actually pretty great at it. “God, thank you for everything!”, Tom said while tears are rolling down his cheeks. He was just so happy because his dream of working in an architecture firm has come true at last. Autumn, on the other hand, was fine about losing out on the job to him. She was really happy for Tom because he is having the life he had in mind since he was still in college. “I’m so happy for you Tom, you deserve it!”, Autumn said with a sweet smile on her face.  Tom and Autumn have been “dating” for a while now.After three months of continuous going out for lunch, Tom decided to ask Autumn to be his girlfriend. Tom felt something, something he’s never felt about anyone before. He felt like today is the day. So he asked Autumn out for lunch. “I really like you, Autumn. Every time I’m with you there is no place I’d rather be. Every second, minute, hour, day with you is special. I’d love to do nothing more than make you happy… So I’m asking you Autumn, will you be my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend?”  And without any hesitation, Autumn said yes. “Yes, Tom, I love you.” They hugged and kissed each other. They were both so happy with their lives. So happy with everything that’s going on.  Everything was all worth it. Now, Tom, has a new girlfriend to go with his new job. If Tom was able to love Summer, the wrong person that much, imagine how much more he can love Autumn, the right one, the person that loves him too. After a year, they also decided to move in together. “Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will.”