Angelas Ashes essay

We had to wake up and unwrap presents early because my father was working that day so everyone woke up at 5:00 AM. After all the presents were given out, everyone said was saying goodbye to my father and went back to sleep. At 9:00 AM, we had to wake up to clean the house because we have “Christmas Brunch” every other year where my whole family comes to have a meal. My mom has a total of 5 brothers and sisters.

And they all came with their families, which included their kids and some of heir kids even have children. So, at my house, there was a rough total of about fifty family members for the brunch. The food that we ate on this day was unbelievably and utterly amazing. Most of the types of food that we devoured were Polish and German cultural foods, which are the two major nationalities in my family. There was fried Polish sausage with sauteDe onions. They were a perfect combination of saltiness to sweetness.

Then there were some sweet and creamy pecan rolls that my grandmother used to make all the time, but unfortunately I could not have one since I am allergic to nuts. Then to top all of those foods, there were all different sorts of period. There were the family favorite potato period, the sweet cheese period, and then there were the blueberry period which are my favorite. Those foods were the three items that we mostly ate at the brunch. All the adults would be either drinking coffee, soda, or some alcoholic beverages and for me my favorite thing to drink: Polish carbonated water.

Everything was so enjoyable the Christmas morning. All the young adults were mingling, all the kids were playing video games, and all the older adults, or elders, were bragging about achievements that their kids have accomplished throughout that year. One thing that I remember strongly is how all the cousins were getting along for one of the first times ever. It was so very odd that my sister and compared it to the sign of the apocalypse. They were talking about relationships they were in, high school drama, and sports teams they were in.

After all of that, all the sports fanatics sat down to watch the Philadelphia Eagles vs.. Dallas Cowboys game. Then questioned my Uncle Larry why he was watching the game. He then told me that he plays Fantasy Football and he had the Eagles running jack on his team. Remember a group of six huge men, loud and obnoxious, yelling and cheering during the game. The whole house would awkwardly stare at them while my Cousin Felix and I would just laugh and cheer with them. I recall that the Philadelphia Eagles won the game by a blowout and the intensity in the room was pretty ridiculous.

Then, after the game ended, people started to leave the house and say goodbye to everyone. After a couple more hours, there was no one left. My two sisters and I started to clean up because we were now going to see my dad’s side of the family that lived in Franklin Park. Although the peace in the house didn’t last because my sister Julia and I started to fight over which chores we had to do. She said that she “called” putting away all the food and that I had to do the dishes. Had already started to put the food away so told her that she should just do the dishes.

We kept continuing to quarrel with each other. She kept saying that she was older so she had seniority but backed up my claim because I had already started the chore. My parents then ended it by making both of clean all the dishes together which was not that bad, but she still claims to this day that she was right. After we finished all of the chores that were necessary, my mom then drove us to my Uncle John’s house. All the people there were from my dad’s side of the family, or otherwise known as the Germans. When we first walked in, you could smell the strong stench of cigarette smoke.

The folks that were there were my Grandparents, my “Aunt” Carol and Uncle Richard, Carol’s two brothers,’ Parents and her cousins. All the adults began talking so the kids decided to go play some games and hang out together. The little kids would also play in their closet because it was connected to the computer room, so it irked like a secret passage way. I remember when was little and my grandparents owned the house, my sisters and I would always play between those two rooms too. After thirty minutes passed though, Christmas dinner was ready for all.

That dinner was one of the most delicious dinners I have ever had. There was such a huge variety of foods. We had a big, sweet and tasty Honey Smoked Ham. The natural juices were extraordinary on my taste buds. But on top of that, we also had Turkey. It wasn’t like other turkeys that were super dry but it was also juicy. Another appetizing thing about it was hat it was deep-fried! The skin of the turkey tasted almost like bacon, and who does not like bacon? Other foods were gravy and mashed potatoes, chicken soup and lasagna but those were not as delicious as the ham and turkey.

After dinner, everyone that was there sat down in the living room and exchanged gifts with each other. To my surprise, I actually got a gift from my Aunt Carol’s parents, an tunes gift card which came in handy, because really enjoy music. After all that was done, everyone gathered round a laptop so they could video chat my Aunt Carol’s cousin that was down helping with the war. Hough that it was pretty cool how they could see each other and talk to each other even though they were on the opposite sides of the planet. At about 1 1:00 P. M, my family and left to go home from the meal.

My Christmas was almost the complete opposite of Franker’s Christmas. To start it off, he had a horrible Christmas. Unlike my Christmas day, my family was at peace. His family just overcame the death of Franker’s two brothers, Oliver and Eugene. Also, his family had to rely on someone else for their food. They got a welfare paper that was supposed to get them some food at the butcher. Their best voice of food was a pigs head. While Franker’s was pleading for something better to eat, the butcher just told her that the pig’s head is what all the poor families are getting.

He also told her too add some lemon so the boys could have more taste. After the purchased to pigs head, they wrapped it up in newspaper so they could be spared the embarrassment. However, the newspaper would fall off, little by litter. After a little bit, the whole pigs head was revealed. When frank was walking home, all the boys in the other houses were laughing at him and his family. But then to top that whole evening off, they didn’t have enough coal to heat up a fire. His mom and dad started to fight how if the go down and try to look for pieces of coal on the road, they would look like beggars.

But, his mom sent Malay and him to go look for coal. When the boys were looking for the coal, Pa Keating saw them and brought them into the pub. When they were there, he got them lemonade and asked the bartender for chunks off coal for the boy’s family. After they got home, his family and him sat down to eat the pigs head. Both the boys ate some of the cheek while his dad tried to go out to the bar but his wife didn’t let him. His Christmas was a very dysfunctional Christmas.