Answer Keys

He had previously worked at TAR bank as driver on contract and was lured by the attractive package and accommodation offered by Solon solutions. However the erratic timings took its toll on Rush’s health. He had to take up night duties on certain days of the week and also on days when other drivers were on leave. Some of the drivers who had night duties skipped work on the days they had to do night shift. There were days when he had to take up duties for almost 20 hours continuously. The accommodation offered by solon solutions was a small room where the drivers could rest.

The room was a 12 by 10 feet room and could accommodate only 3 drivers at a time. More often than not the rooms were congested as many drivers preferred staying back as the company was located far away from the city. Mythic, the HER Head had received complaints from her employees that the drivers were not driving the vehicle properly. Her enquiries revealed that some of the drivers were drunk in the evenings as they were away from their family. Very often the drivers complained to her that the other drivers were deliberately taking leave on the days they had night duties.

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They had also pointed out one instance of a driver taking up duties with another company on the nights they opted out. Things came to a head when a physical fight erupted between Aragua and another driver in front of the main gate. Aragua was annoyed that he had to work extra hours without added compensation and was almost never able to be with his family. He was unhappy with Servers, who took leave on the days he had night duties. He let lose all the pent up frustration that he had been suppressing. When Mythic was informed of it, she immediately came running to the gate and demanded an explanation from Aragua.

Aragua broke down in front of everyone crowded there, and retorted, “You ask for an explanation or what you could have prevented long back. ” (Refer Unit 13 & 14) Questions. 5. Analyses and list out the factors that caused grievance among the drivers. Also, from the case given, describe the importance of employee welfare measures in organizations.