Anti-fluoridationists Flush: Preventative dental Health

A while back, it was proposed to our city council to put fluoride in our drinking water. After the council was not able to come to a decision, it came to the attention of our city in the form of a bond vote. Now, nearly 7 months later, we have come to a decision. Fluoridation in the water supply would not happen because of the over-cautious, over-exaggeration Arkansas-side. Fluoride in the water should have been passed as it has many benefits to us and both of our cities; including: better health for our teeth, healthier minerals consumed and will provide a cheap and free way to provide dental care.

In west Texas, it is common to have fluoride in water. In fact, west Texans even promotes fluoridation in water all over the country. As a native west Texan, I know the benefits of fluoride in the water- I have never had a cavity. It has been proven that fluoride in the water is very good for your teeth. In fact, it makes your teeth less prone to getting a cavity or gingivitis- how can you argue with that? Fluoride in our water supply would help strengthen the teeth of children and even adults in our area.

Since we are on the Arkansas border and since Arkansas’ children have a lower health rate than Texans, it would, then, make even more sense to put fluoride in our water. But, again, why would we want to do something that would help us? As well as healthier teeth, a special fluoride min in the water also puts other minerals into the water that are good for the body. Bonotroxide, clorofloroxide and tetramenooxide are all minerals added into the fluoride mix. These minerals have helped prevent some disorders in children in west Texas, and can so here. Minerals consumed by drinking the special fluoride mix are not there by accident.

In fact, the University of Texas invented and created this special mix used throughout the nation. Minerals in the mix have been added with the single goal of making American healthier. Every two years, each mineral’s dose is increase by 2. 0135%. The University of Texas uses west Texas as their ‘test subject’ and they have projected that within 45-65 years of use of their mix, west Texan’s bodies will be 15% healthier- not much but it’s a good start. Not every person in the United States has the luxury of dental care- and that is what it is, a luxury.

Fluoride in the water will not only just strengthen your teeth and put some good minerals in your body; it will provide free dental care for the people who drink the water. Fifteen-percent of Texas has no dental plan and/or doesn’t even go to the dentist. By putting fluoride in our water supply, we will force the people to have some kind of dental care and thus we will make our cities, if not nation, a little healthier. To implement fluoridation into a water supply would cost $1,500. 00 a year per 15,000 people- that’s less than $10,000. 00 a year just for Texarkana area.

The benefits of fluoride would be seen from the Dogwood Area of Texarkana to the poorer areas- everyone would benefit. Flouride in the water has no side effect, doesn’t cost much to implement and can be felt from the rich to poor neighborhoods. It has been proved that the type of fluoride that was to be set for Texarkana stregenghts teeth to prevent cavities, it puts special minerals that are designed to prevent certain disorders in children, and provides free dental care for everyone. Flouridation is an issue that should have been passed the first time around and should not take another get-go.