ap government stuff list

seperation of powers
franking privilege
someone in office can send as much mail out at gov expense
marbury vs maddison
judicial review
mucully vs maryland
supremacy clause
linkage institution
anything that links the people to the government (religion, medical, political parties)
people too stupid to have democracy. belived in need for a strong
social contract
texas vs johnson
flag burning
let the decision stand
office of management and budget. prepares budget
writ of cloture
stops debate in senate
#1 expense of state government
title IX
gender equity in sports
idea that america is run by groups of people
edmund burke
said “representative should be good stuart.”
mendez vs west minister
outlawed segregation in CA schools
amicus cruriae brief
friend of the court
greg vs georgia
death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment
hard money
money given to canidate directly
soft money
money given to groups
all revenue bills start
in the house
amendment 25
is order of succession
ammendment 26
is lower of voting age
max weber
true power in gov is the buerocracy
works for gov but is not elected
petite jury
regular jury
chief justice
swears in the president
articles of confederation:the bad
no taxes, no money, no power, no trade regulation
articles of confed: the good
peace with england, northwest ordinance
northwest ordinance
a plan for settling the west, idea for public education
log rolling
critizism of our legislative process/ you vote for mine, ill vote for yours
too many small groups which prevent anything from being done
of people who work for gov work for dept of defense
biggest expense of federal gov
things that by law cannot be cut
habits of the heart, first observer of american democ
reagan democrats
democrats in south that voted for reagan in 1980
two house
one house/nebraska
legislative courts vs consti. court
con court=court w/normal name
legislative courts= meird…long name
who votes?
people w/something to loose
gender gap
difference between how men and women vote
gallop poles/ opinion poles
most powerful commitee
house rules commitee
way and means(trade)
commerce powerful in both
house of rep
new federalism
power back to states. (nixon & reagan)
gov coropation: bad
gov corporation: good
fdic(federal deposit insurance corp)
judicial activism
loose interpration, liberal, warren court, democrat
judicial restrain
strict interpratation, conservative, republican, renquist
direct tax
income tax (progressive tax)
excise tax
tax on a specific product(sin tax)
flat tax
taxes everyone the same(store tax)
political action commitees
(pac) fundraisers of special interest groups
continuing resolution
when they cant come to an agreement on the budget, it keeps the necessary things funded
keeping track of things
imperial presidency
nixon, he ran his presidency like a kingdom
a collection of laws
unfunded mandate
fed gov tells states to fix something or do something without paying for it
funded mandate
states given money from fed gov to do something
advocating the violent overthrow of the government
spoken words intended to injure that are untrue(unprotected speech)
written words(comp&film) intended to injure and untrue (unprotected)
favorite son
relationship between a canadite and its home state
dissenting opinion
dissagree with the majority
honorary vote. unfair
federal money for envinronmental cleanup
grand jury
trial before the trial.
formal accusation
johnson and clinton
only presidents ever impeached
rule of four
for supream court to consider a case, four justices have to agree that the case has merit
progressive movement: reforms

income tax, direct election of senators, reform of the spoils system, womans sufferage, primary system

pedelton act
spoils system, replacing people in gov with friends
school vouchers: for or against?

ppl affraid vouchers will go to religious schools (against 1st amend)

presidential vetos stand…
95% of the time
which president had line item veto? who gave it to him?
clinton, republicans
line item veto
budget control, can just cross out a line in a bill
put own info in a bill
those in office running in another election, they have money b/c they win b/c they have money b/c they win
direct primaries
comes out of progressive movment, an election to determine the nominiee, most are closed primaries:must be a member of that group
% of people that have to be there
red state/blue state
dejor segregation
seg. by law (outlawed by brown vs board of education)
defacto segregation
in fact, just by fact
war powers resolution/act
early 70’s. only have troops in other countries for 60 days with out congress approval. all presidents against it.
political parties
moderate in US. made to win the elections. 3rd parties are radical
what groups are democrats?
unions, minorities, celebrities…performers, intelectuals, farmers, envinronment
WASPS, rich people, fundamentalist religious groups, anti-communist, small buisness owners, gun;owners, military
ralph nader
3rd party canidate, took votes from republicans; consumer advocates(saftey features)
gramm-rudman-holling act
balanced budget
4 things president can do with a bill
sign it, veto it, pocket veto it, ignore it
idea that state gov can just ignore fed gov or laws
party whips
enforce party rules/discipline
habius corpus
must be brought to trial and must be charged officially for a crime
someone unhappy w/gov, protesting gov
bill of attainder
legislative trail
expostfacto law
after the fact
party realignment

change in established order (when large group changes from one party to another)(demo–>republican)

party dealignment
move from major parties to independent or 3rd party
policy entepunure
someone who sells a specific policy to a group
disscressionary spending
spending not specifically outlined in the budget
brady bill
attempt to regulate gun laws; backround checks(1993), waiting periods
north atlantic treatie organization
closed rule
takes place in the house, bill is closed, cant add anything, no more debate
great society

a johnson  socual program which attempted to give money to city’s. did not not. considered to be the end of federal era.

bully pulpit
president using power and prestige to push people around
faithless electors
electorates that change their vote
critizisms of the electiral college
faithless electors, advatage to small states(over representated)(each individual vote and loose election), winpopular vote and loose election, creates impression of landslides, winner take all system, win the big states and carry the election

have the most votes, but not the majority

chief executive
comes from legislature
politicaliztion of the conformation process
sunshine laws
meetings must be done in the light of day
giving $
free speech
clinton vs new york
got rid of line item veto
bush vs gore
stopped the floor to recount
discharge petition
gets bill out of the commitee
pork barrel
amendments on bill unrelated to bills actuall topic
original jurisdiction. ex of….
where case starts. states vs states, ambassadors, territorial waters
appealate jurisdiction
where case is appealed
which court has original and appealate jurisdiction?
supreme court
case work
constituent service, staff will do anything for you
splitting up the 435 representatives(by congeress) among the states
done by state, redraw districts based on representatives