Approve or learn, that is the question

Is it the same pass to learn? I’ve always heard that the important things in life are not learned in school and took a long time waiting longer true. The same applies to the university … it is said to learn more in the bar of the power sharing talks and discussions with peers in most classrooms. And the sad thing is that possibly be true.

This actually happens because education systems are designed for students to learn not approve. That is, school and college aim that students are prepared to get the best possible score on some tests, which only achieved measure the degree of memorizing what the teacher explained, and so prove to be better than their peers.

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And it is not the same pass to learn. Approve does not necessarily prove that it has learned, or suspend shows that it has not acquired learning. Memorize facts, figures and definitions and then recite them, only it proves to be a good mnemonic capacity but does not indicate any learning. That content that is inserted into the head of the students must be good for something solving problems, ask questions, create things, to answer questions, satisfy curiosity … must be a content that can be applied in different contexts and situations. And that’s what schools should do at any level.

The danger of education today is to become a preparation for external testing approve, that would limit the development of students and limit the role of education. If we let the education that we teach in our schools is directed exclusively to improve our results in international assessment tests, we will be making a very serious mistake that future generations will pay.

If we are not able to fill the education of values ??and contents that really serve for students with a full life and can adapt to any new situation and to develop the maximum their talents, be they who they are, what we are doing in our centers Education should stop calling education or training be renamed “approval”. And sadly many confuse educational excellence with the ability to pass exams.

We fare much better when we decide to spend the Approve, if you want to be something in life to Learn, if you want to live fully … And that is our task! Change education to help our students become better people.