APUSH outline

Compare and contrast the impact of two trans-national exchanges of trade goods, beliefs, and/or disease on empire: Mediterranean Sea Lanes- on the Roman or Athenian Empires Eurasian Silk Roads- on the Roman, Sin, Han, Marry, or Guppy Empires Indian Ocean Sea Lanes- on the Marry or Guppy Empires Trans-Sahara Caravan Routes- on the Roman Empire Thesis: 1 . Preview 2. 2 Trade routes 3. Impact on empire (good/beliefs/or disease) Brain Storming: Silk Road: Han- Silk: had a wide economic impact on Han china.

The wealthy bough silk and wore it as a sign of fortune and wealth merchants sold it and made lots of money and a great majority of the lower class devoted their lives to the production of silk making cause a good economic increase in the Han empire. Disease: bubonic plague, measles, and small pox traveled along the silk roads. Trans-Sahara: Guppy- Manufactured textiles was a major resource produced in the Guppy period (Silk, muslin, calico, linen, wool and cotton textiles) Large part of the economy, long tanning since the Marry period encourage economic prosperity.

No significant diseases that affected the empire too much� Structure: Thesis Simi or Dif #1 Why? Reason for Simi/dif impact Simi or Dif #2 REASONS #1 : Empires took advantage of specific skills and knowledge given to them. Han for silk weaving and Guppy for textiles. REASONS #2: China had close nit cities venerable to disease spread while the Indian empire were more spread apart and less susceptible to disease. PUSH outline By liberationists

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