Argument Persuasion Essay

Argument/Persuasion Essay (Baker Common Assessment) Argument/Persuasive Essay (Baker Common you ever noticed the ways in which media present arguments? They often make a statement without providing valid support to their claim. A sound argument makes a claim and offers reasons and evidence in support of the claim. In addition, it acknowledges opposing viewpoints and refutes them.

Characteristics of an argument include: ; an arguable, clearly defined, and narrowed issue; ; a specific claim in a thesis; ; a careful audience analysis; ; reasons supported by convincing evidence; and an appeal to readers’ needs and values; and recognition of opposing views. Please follow the Baker Common Assessment Guidelines listed below: Each student researches and writes a paper using the argument pattern. Thus, in the paper the student states a position, supports the position with credible reasons and evidence, and considers opposing positions.

The paper should contain an introductory paragraph that includes a precise thesis statement (the argument or position the student takes in the paper) and a conclusion. The paper should be a full three to four pages and in MILA format. The paper should be written in third person. The students research should be used to provide credible reasons and evidence in support of his/her position and to explain opposing positions. The student should incorporate at least three relevant, credible sources into the paper. At least two of the three sources should be scholarly articles found by using Collins Library databases.

Wise including Wisped. Com and the textbook should not be used as sources. Sources must be properly and thoroughly documented using MILA format (I. E. , in-text and Works Cited citations). Quotations, statistics, data, ideas, opinions, or any other information from any source should be properly attributed, cited, and punctuated or formatted. See the suggested outline format in Successful College Writing page 554. Consider the following topics as a guide to get started: ; Is a damaged reputation bad for sales? ; In what ways does pre-employment drug testing reduce turnover or violate rights?