Argumentative Essay

Trust is described to be the bedrock of our profession. The DRP explains that trust is the bedrock of our profession because our clients, the American people places a special trust in our organization to put the nations wellbeing as our highest priority. Furthermore our ability to fulfill duties and responsibilities are solely dependent on the trust between Soldiers, Soldiers and leaders, Soldier and civilians to include families and the American public. Trust is the most important of the five characteristics of the Army reversion, because Soldiers at all levels need to believe that their role in the military is for a reason. We require a purpose. Victor Frank was a neurologist and a psychiatrist during WI and dedicated most of his life studying the powers Of motivation. Furthermore, he wanted to know what drove people to continue their lives and what influenced them to better themselves as individuals in order to achieve their short and long term goals.

While Victor Frank had the opportunity to flee WI and share his knowledge in the United States (U. S. ), he decided to stay behind with his father and the rest of his family, but unfortunately, later ended up in a Jewish concentration camp. Despite the harsh conditions, Victor Frank continued his studies by observing prisoners in the concentration camps, and observed those who thrived, and those who experienced marauds and withered away in the camps. With his observations, Frank realized that those who withered away, lacked purpose and had nothing further to live for. Victor Frank believed that everyone who ride to survive lived for either to maintain relationships, spirituality, community, and or work. In fact, Victor Frank began instructing the prisoners to choose a purpose in life and find a purpose, whether it was family, religion, community, or work. He believed that as long as they had hope the prisoners in the camps would be able to survive. However, the Nazis began to realize what Victor Frank was accomplishing and in efforts to discourage his behavior, presented him with a falsified letter stating that his family had passed away in another concentration camp.

While the Nazis’ hoped the news would discourage Victor Frank from helping the prisoners survive that harsh conditions of the camps, but instead he found a new purpose in life; to one day have the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to his future students. 3 Like people, organizations such as our Army profession, require purpose in order to thrive. Soldiers need to wholeheartedly know that the duties and responsibilities they have is an important one. To further emphasize, Soldiers need to believe that the orders of the President of the united States and the

Officers appointed over them, are morally and ethically sound and that it is one with a purpose. We need to trust that our service and sacrifice for the united States is for the better good of the nation. With that said, trust is an absolute necessity in order for leaders to instill that purpose in to our Soldiers and therefore, the most important Of the five characteristics.