Artifact speech outline

Because culture in my family is very important, my family has taught me the traditions, history, and even the many superstitions Cacao, the place where my parents are from, has. 2. Knowing my ancestors’ culture and traditions connects me with them and helps my family and I create our own identity in a country with so many different people and values. It has served as my personal compass by creating foundations and morals which I live by today.

B. The doll also hints to guests how culturally involved I am. 1. On my free time I do folkloric dancing, which are native Cancan dances. Every year I perform in an important event called the Glutamate. This is a huge celebration in Cacao and has now been celebrated in the United States for over 15 years. 2. The group I dance with is directed by my aunt and we dance at church events, school events, and parties to promote not only our own culture but to encourage others to explore and learn about their own. Does also. II.

The doll symbolizes the clay toys the indigenous children received from their parents, reflecting their childhood; the exchange of gifts parallels my own childhood. A. Similarly my family always bought me traditional Cancan toys. . When I was little my dad would often visit his mother in Cacao and would bring me back hoys, little clay pottery, and other curious objects that I could never seem to find at Target or Toys-R-Us. 2. Both my mom and dad would teach me how to play with the toys as they did when they were young.

B. The doll also reflects my childhood. 1. I grew up seeing my family members also dance in a folkloric group. The doll triggers memories of traveling all over California whenever they had a performance and seeing them dance in front of dozens of people. 2. Always being around uxorious and exotic costumes made them normal and a part of my everyday childhood life. It was almost as if I lived there myself. Transition: Though the doll’s symbolism helps you discover who I am, the outer component reveals Just as much. Ill.

When you hold the doll you realize that it is hard as if it was made of glass, however this is not the case; soft clay is the material. A. The doll is hard to break and shatter. This parallels my own character. 1. My mother has taught me to never be weak minded nor frail. She has always told me to never let anyone bring me down. She has also encouraged me be a leader and to always stand by my values and morals even under social pressures. 2. 1 have yet to let her down as I have demonstrated this in sports, friendships, and other activities.

I know that my mom’s advice partly comes from our culture where a strong independent woman is always admired and encouraged. B. The other half my mom’s advice comes from is her wish for my success. 1 . The clay doll though hard like glass is made up of soft clay. The soft clay resembles my mom’s love and caring nature in which she has raised me with and has mold me to who I am today. 2. Through my mom’s lightheartedness I have learned to be nice and polite. I have learned to be unselfish, though it can be hard and I have been able to be caring and loving.

Transition to Conclusion: So as you can see, that little doll though small reveals a big part of me and my life. Conclusion l. The little doll’s presence, its symbolism, and its physical properties helps strangers uncover the world I live and who I am. [Review Main Points] II. It amazes me how a little foreign doll reveals more about me and my character than anything I own. About me is called a TangyГј and is an important part of my life and culture. [Closing Remarks/Leave audience something to remember]