As discounts to some employees and not all.

As Uber grew in power, balance between innovation and
compliance was dwindling. When Kalanick was asked whether Uber would follow any
local driving laws, he replied until enforced, they won’t follow. But was
reprimanded by Woo, as compliance was critical to defend themselves against any
untoward situation.

Kalanick’s experimentation attitude, led him to unveil a new
formula named as cascade to calculate the pricing details, this did not divulge
much information before the client booked. Many employees in the backdrop were
using firehouse to provide discounts to some employees and not all. Usage of
Fire House was not legal according to the attorneys.

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Kalanick started to preach compliance after they were accused
by alphabet. He made Yoo the chief legal officer, so that she avoids
interfering in daily business. Ultimately with pressure from investors Kalanick

How Uber Hid The Data:

When Dara Khosrowshahi took over, she warned the employees
for a tough six month, as there were going to be legal complications. The
missing compliances, breaking rules almost put around 5 criminal charges
against Uber. Uber used a software called Ripley to hide the data, when police
or any legal department raided the uber office. Although uber defended posing
it as a regular practice to keep data safe and secure but there have been
instances when Uber erased data whenever there was an investigation. It was
sworn in by uber employees.




Susan Fowler
(whistleblower), whose blog brought out in open the entire culture issue at

When Susan Fowler joined the company, she was enthusiastic
about her work as a software engineer as uber was expanding its branches
through out the world. After her training she was asked to hoin a team, where
she was sexually harassed by her manager, HR turned a deaf ear to the complaint
by Susan. She then somehow found out a different project so that  she does not have to go through the
depressing moments again.

There was an organizational chaos where everyone was trying
to take other’s place, managers were fighting to take the direct supervisors
place. Managers were boasting about themselves and trying to undermine others.
As a result of which, many projects were being left behind and employees were
unaware of what next, there was also a constant fear of team getting dissolved
and another new project with a n impossible deadline. There was a very low
percentage of woman in Uber owing to different harassments and ineffectiveness
of the HR department, who were siding with High Performer Managers. They even
threatened to fire the employee as she reported to the HR, because California
is a free employee state. The HR department of uber was completely inept and

With growing inter organizational chaos, and unfriendly work
environment lot of employees resigned and the woman population was down to 6



Some other articles that I read:


As CEO Dara was just taking charge of office, another dark incident
from 2016 surfaced, only a year later, in November, 2017. In 2016, when there
was a breach in security and privacy, Uber instead of informing the public and
reaching out to the individuals whose data was leaked, made an attempt to hush
the case. There were 7 million drivers and 50 million riders whose name, email
id, and contact numbers were stolen. Uber paid the hackers and hid it from the legal
authorities under the leadership of CEO Travis Kalanick.

With a change in leadership, Uber’s prime step is to
transform the corporate culture and incorporate integrity and honesty. The
letter issued by Dara Khowsroshahi, CEO, which talks about integrity and
honesty, is an indication of his vision and plans for the company. By issuing
an open letter, taking measures to get in touch with drivers and riders whose
data was breached, and laying off the Chief Security Officer, Joe Sullivan, and
deputy Craig Clark, Mr. Dara has demonstrated a positive way forward in Uber’s
corporate culture.

Uber has plans to go for an IPO in 2019. The IPO will fetch
low value if Uber continues to play foul. For a successful IPO, there is a dire
need for major transformation of organizational culture and strict adherence to
compliances i.e. improved corporate governanceN1 DKS2 .  Uber’s culture of stepping on
other’s shoes and downgrading tem, so as to get their position. Ineffective HR
department was salt on the wound. It needs to restructure its HR department,
maintain an employee friendly environment so that it can grow and focus its
money on R and innovation, rather than lawsuits.

here more on how improved org culture and corporate governance will help Uber
be successful.

Some points that I can think of are:

Better employee productivity, lower attrition rate,
better gender ratio, instead of focussing on law suits, it can focus on
innovation. Better org culture ->hiring of better drivers ->safety of
customers-?growth in business->revenue and profitability. No money being
spent on firefighting the law suits then.